DC vs. Vampires condemn a Justice League Wonder twin to a cruel death

Da DC vs. Vampires begin, a Justice League hero is the first victim when an undead traitor strikes deadly and draws the first blood.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC vs. Vampires # 1, on sale now from DC Comics.

Takes place outside the main continuity of DC Universe, the new horror-driven comic book miniseries DC vs. vampires can really break with his blood-sucking premise, including inflicting real losses on his iconic heroes and villains while the world’s vampires band together to rise from the shadows and try to subdue humanity completely. Like the praised one Dophørt, this has led to some major losses right from the opening number of the story, including the horrific bloody murder of a longtime member of the Justice League and resident super friend Zan from Wonder Twins in the hands of an undead traitor.

While the vampire community at DCU has largely stuck to the shadows and usually avoided a total war with humanity to prevent them from meeting the full power of superhero and supervillain communities, there has been a change in vampire leadership. Perennial Regent Mary, Queen of Blood, has been violently ousted by a new faction of vampires who try to attack the heroes and villains before launching their extensive, grand plan to conquer the world. And when the vampire hero Andrew Bennett arrives at the Hall of Justice to warn the Justice League DC vs. vampires # 1, by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt and Tom Napolitano, he unexpectedly causes Zan’s bloody death.

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Vampire Green Lantern Zan Wonder Twins

Bennett is allowed to enter the Hall of Justice by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who takes the distressed vampire to the Justice League hospital, while Bennett shares what has happened, including the vampires who are already moving to eliminate the Legion of Doom inside in their own headquarters. Zan enters this conversation and overhears the undead threat hitting humanity from the shadows, with an annoyed Hal revealing that he has already been converted as a loyal vampire, dedicated to their diabolical new cause. And now, no longer tasked with keeping Bennett silent, Hal moves on to brutally neutralize the only other apparent witness to this conversation, Zan.

Using his still active Power Ring, Hal Zan binds and creates a hard light construction of a large blender, large enough to house the Wonder Twin inside. While a terrified Bennett watches, Hal quickly mixes Zan into a makeshift smoothie, which he ingests on the spot, commenting that the contents are a little too watery in a dark joke that alludes to Zan’s superpower of being able to transform into any kind of water. And with this witness eliminated, Hal then quickly and decisively kills Bennett before continuing his cunning as a committed superhero, without any of his Justice League teammates being aware of what has just horribly happened at their own headquarters.

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Vampire Green Lantern drinks blood

With Jayna and Gleek still alive and well, it’s only a matter of time before Zan’s loss is finally discovered, though this revelation may come too late for the heroes before inflicting more losses. In his haste to get rid of the evidence of Zan’s death, a piece of the Wonder twin still looms in the sink of the Medical Bay, perhaps to be discovered by one of the heroes later, creating Hals’ possible exposure as a vampire. And with Batman now aware that the vampires are rapidly massaging against the heroes and villains from a completely separate source of information, Zan’s death will hopefully not be in vain as the battle between the living and the undead is ready to escalate.

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