Fire Ring players manage to trick bosses into falling off rocks

During the Elden Rings closed network test, players managed to trick bosses into falling off rocks and claiming their victory using fall damage.

Clever players try Elden Ring‘s Closed Network Test quickly managed to find ways to trick various bosses into falling off rocks. Elden Ring‘s Closed Network Test was recently held last weekend and gave select lucky fans an early chance to visit The Lands Between before the game’s full release.

While the launch of FromSoftware’s next title is only months away, disappointed fans who were not selected for their latest closed network test were lured with the option to buy scalped Elden Ring Network test codes for hundreds of dollars. After signing up for a code online, players were randomly selected how many who received codes chose to resell them at a profit. Sellers put the codes up for auction on eBay with some bids starting at as high as $ 200 USD, with multiple listings for well over $ 300. With a Elden Ring Network test code, fans were able to attend any of the five scheduled test sessions, with each session featuring three hours of gameplay.


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Reddit users Professional_Ease765 and G4GamingYT shared videos of theirs Elden Ring boss encounters where both players managed to cope with their scary enemy using fall injuries. In G4GamingYT’s clip, they faced one of the most formidable bosses found during the Closed Network Test, Margit the Fell Omen. The battle, which took place on a worryingly high platform at Stormveil Castle, raged on with Margit at almost half health. The Greater Foe launched an attack with their hammer and swung it once before jumping into the air to prepare for a final slam. Unfortunately for Margit, he did not hold his landing, instead he fell off the platform after ending his attack and died instantly.

Earlier this month, Bandai Namco’s gameplay preview revealed that while the game borrows items from Dark souls, Elden Ring changes its fall damage gameplay, which in previous games was often incredibly deadly for players. In the case of Professional_Ease765, it seems that these changes did not include the game bosses. In their video, Redditor watched from below as Flying Dragon Agheel perched on top of a cliff side and spewed fire threateningly before attempting to walk down the cliff to fight. Unfortunately for Agheel, the side of the cliff turned out to be too slippery for the huge dragon, causing them to slip and fall. Although the fall was not very high from a dragon’s perspective, it was enough to trap the great boss.

While it is understandable that a fall from such great heights would kill Margit, it is surprising that such a short fall would mean the end of Flying Dragon Agheel. Although it is unclear whether FromSoftware will make any changes to reduce harm to managers before Elden Rings release next year that tricking bosses into falling off rocks is certainly a valid strategy for players who want to secure a victory as soon as possible.

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Elden Ring will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 25, 2022.

Source: G4GamingYT / Reddit, Professional_Ease765 / Reddit

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