Housing developer sues Santa Clara for allegedly rejecting a project

SANTA CLARA, California (CROWN) – A San Francisco-based housing developer has filed a lawsuit against the city of Santa Clara for allegedly rejecting a housing project.

Housing developer Republic Metropolitan (ReMet) filed a lawsuit against the city on Nov. 12 for “its bad faith and misconduct by canceling a mixed-use transportation planner” on a lot located between Santa Clara University and Santa Clara CalTrain Station.

ReMet says the project would have provided much-needed affordable labor and studio housing to hundreds of local Santa Clara residents.

The allegation alleges that the cancellation of the proposed project was carried out “in a secret closed session of the City Council, away from the eyes of the public, in violation of California’s law on open meetings.”

“The city’s rejection of this project was pointless and wrong – and bad for Santa Clara’s residents,” said Joseph Cotchett, one of the attorneys representing the Republic Metropolitan.

“The time has come to put an end to local politics getting in the way of building affordable housing that California so desperately needs.”

Proposed cheap housing project in Santa Clara. Courtesy: Republic Metropolitan.

The proposed project would have stretched over two connected plots of land, one owned by the city and one by the Valley Transit Authority (VTA).

Over nearly four years and invested millions of dollars, ReMet worked hand in hand with the city and VTA to design site-specific homes with hundreds of workforce and affordable units for both the public and students at Santa Clara University.

ReMet claims that “The city arbitrarily blocked the workforce and affordable housing projects in violation of their signed agreement and several state laws.”

According to the law, the municipality has 45 days to respond.

The city of Santa Clara tells KRON4 News that it has begun reviewing the pending claim and can not comment at this time.

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