How to Conquer in Star Wars: The Old Republic

How to join Conquest missions in the latest MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic update and what rewards players can earn.

One of the most important activities for players to participate in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is the weekly mission called Conquest. With the current version of the game, 6.3.2a at the time of writing, players are able to participate in Conquest by completing almost any activity in the game. This means that no matter what level players are at, if they prefer PVP or PVE, or participate in Starfighter, most activities will give players Conquest Points for the weekly Conquest Rewards.

Currently, there are two main parts for Conquest in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the personal conquest goal that each player is able to participate in by simply playing the game and earning 50,000 conquest points to achieve the rewards. The other is Guild Conquest or Guild Invasions, where players who join guilds have the opportunity to earn additional rewards. These prices also have point thresholds that can be met to also increase the number of materials received.


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To begin with, players will receive a task called Introduction to Conquests when they automatically reach level 10 in Star Wars: The Old Republic, which they can find in their personal mission log. Next to the Missions tab is the Conquest tab, where they can then see the progress they’ve made toward the personal conquest goal, the Conquest theme that week, and all activities plus the amount of Conquest XP they assign. If players are part of a guild, the tab next to Conquest, Guild Invasion, will give them information about their guild’s progress, which planet they are invading, and rank among other guilds.

SWTOR Conquest Reward Levels

SWTOR Conquest main menu

To Star Wars: The Old Republic grades at the level limit of 75, the personal conquest rewards include an equipment holster, 100 technical fragments, Gathering Lockbox, four 25,000 credit certificates and four Solid Resource Matrix. Player characters who are not at level 75 will receive a collection lock box, a free boost for minor mission experiences, a bag of companion gifts, four 25,000 credit certificates, and an equipment cache of equipment for their current level. In addition, players completing the guilds conquest thresholds will also receive an additional equipment holster, technical fragments, credit certificates and resource mixes, and a reinforcement component with the option to choose either a command encryption or handbag with crafting materials that are rewards exclusive to SWTOR Guild Conquest goals.

For players who have unlocked their Strongholds Old Republic, they are also able to increase the amount of Conquest points they earn for completing activities, by unlocking them completely. They do not have to be fully furnished, which was a condition in previous updates, and should instead only have the rooms unlocked to earn the bonus. As Conquest has undergone significant changes over the last few updates, these guidelines may also change again with the upcoming The legacy of the Sith update and years-long celebration of the tenth anniversary, but if past changes in quality of life are an indicator of what one can potentially expect, it will likely provide even more to do in SWTOR galaxy.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is available on Steam and PC.

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