Hulu debuts with ABC News’ LA series’ City of Angels, City of Death ‘- Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Hulu airs six episodes of limited edition ABC News series next week, City of Angels, City of Death, focusing on the hunt for serial killers in Los Angeles in the 1970s and 80s.

The focus of the episodes will be on notorious murders like Freeway Killer, Hillside Strangler and Sunset Strip Killer, as more than 20 killers captured media attention in the city and country.

The episodes will premiere on November 24 on the platform. Hulu Original comes from the producers of ABC News’ 20/20, and was produced for Hulu by ABC News Studios and Highway 41 Productions. Hulu debuted in September with the ABC News series Wild Crime, about a murder investigation in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The new documentary series will feature dramatic renderings and interviews with law enforcement officials as they battled multiple investigations. It features the stories of retired LAPD detectives Tom Lange, Robert Souza, Bob Grogan, Frank Garcia and Jerry LeFrois, as well as forensic experts, survivors and eyewitnesses.

During that era, the city, as the documentary series notes, became known as “the world’s serial killer capital.”

“This was an ideal killing field for anyone who wanted to get away from these crimes,” Los Angeles Times’ Patt Morrison said in the trailer.

David Sloan is senior executive producer and Colleen Halpin is executive producer. Star Price of Highway 41 Productions is the executive producer and director.

The sections include:

Heart of Darkness, focus on LAPD detectives, who from the mid-1970s have to juggle multiple investigations at once.

News at Eleven, as the Hillside Strangler task force’s investigation becomes the center of a media frenzy, while detectives work on other cases, fearing another serial killer is to blame for the murder of a hopeful model near the beach.

The mind of a murderer, where detectives arrest a suspect in the Hillside Strangler case, but believe he may have had an accomplice. They also investigate a young girl’s disappearance in Huntington Beach and identify her killer as he appears in a popular TV series.

The Gathering Storm looking at a bizarre twist in the Hillside Strangler cases while pursuing other cases, including Dating Game Killer and Freeway Killer.

A new nightmare spotlights are investigating Souza as he seeks help from a jailed murderer, Roy Norris, known as one of Tool Box Killer, for trying to find Freeway Killer. Meanwhile, detectives face challenges in prosecuting a suspected Hillside Stranger while a new serial killer shows up on the Sunset Strip.

Judgment Day looks at Detective Garcia as he suggests clues to the Sunset Strip Killer. A number of suspects are going to court, giving the victims’ families a sense of justice.

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