Irish post-punks Girl Band changes name to Gilla Band

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Photo: Steve Gullick

The Irish noise-rockers Girl Band are now named Gilla Band.

The band released a statement explaining decision – and advertising the new, very Irish name –through a press release. The opinion reads:

“We change our band name. We will no longer perform or release songs under the name Girl Band. We apologize for choosing a wrong gender name in the first place and to anyone who has been hurt or affected by it.

When we started, it was chosen without much consideration, from a place of naivety and ignorance. We did not grasp the weight of it at the time and have in the last few years found it impossible to justify or explain this choice.

Regardless of our intent, the effect of the name has been detrimental to individuals. To try to undo any unfortunate role we have played in spreading a culture of non-inclusivity in music or otherwise, we have decided to change it.

Thanks to those who talked about it and trained us in this, either directly or indirectly. In the future we will perform and release records under the name Gilla Band. Gilla is a first name taken from Old Irish. “

Although the name was supposed to be the tongue in cheek, the band got backlash for it, and many questioned why a group of men in a man-centered genre would call themselves Girl Band.

Back in 2015, Aimee Cliff written a piece for FATHER question controversial band names. The piece inincluded Girl Band – a band consisting of four Irish guys. IN an interview with Noisy that same year, frontman Daniel Fox explained that it was not meant to go with the Girl Band as insulting to women.

“At the time we came up with it, we were not really thinking about that kind of aspect of it, and it was outrageous to have someone to think that way about you,” he explained. “I can see where people would come from, but they are a kind of inherent misunderstanding – I think if you met us as human beings, you would understand where it comes from.”

He added: “Some people probably think we take the piss out of girls, which we are very much against. It was like ‘Look. We are really against what you think where we come from.’ I would really like to think that we are exposing some women or other people, but you can only do what you do, and if people choose to be offended, whether they are men or women, they have a right to feel like they have it with it. ”


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