MCU Spider-Man asks questions his prequel show can answer

Spider-Man: Freshman Year will explore Peter Parker’s MCU origins, and here are the questions the Spider-Man prequel show can answer.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker gets an animated prequel show, and here’s all the questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man: Freshman Year can answer. One of the many exciting MCU updates coming from Disney + Day 2021 was the upcoming one Spider Man animated prequel. This was confirmed by Marvel Studios and Disney Spider-Man: Freshman Year will follow MCU’s Peter Parker during his first year of high school. This setting allows the series to expand Spider-Man’s MCU history and provide some answers to important questions.

Spider-Man’s time in MCU began in Captain America: Civil War. It was in the 2016 team-up film that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) recruited Holland’s Peter Parker to be part of Team Iron Man. This appearance led directly in Spider-Man: Homecoming and showed Peter taking on more responsibilities as Spider-Man. All of this took place during Peter’s second year of high school. Despite Avengers: Infinity War the film takes place two years later, and the film coincides with Peter’s adolescence, when his disappearance as part of Thanos’ snap meant to repeat this part of high school between 6 p.m. Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from home. It is only after Parker’s fateful summer trip abroad that the events in Spider-Man: No Way Home take place, and the multiversal plot means it could bring lots of changes to Spider-Man’s MCU future.


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Although Sony and Marvel Studios have not yet confirmed what Spider-Man’s live-action future looks like after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the announcement of Spider-Man: Freshman Year means that more of Peter’s background history will soon be explored. The show is meant to be an origin story for Peter, showing him becoming MCU’s Spider-Man. It has also been described as one “travel unlike we have ever seen,” so the prequel series is likely to surprise in terms of what it reveals and focuses on. With that in mind, here are the MCU Spider-Man questions Spider-Man: Freshman Year can answer.

What happened to MCU’s Uncle Ben?

Tom Holland as Peter Parker Ben-sag in Spider Man No Way Home

Probably the biggest question Spider-Man: Freshman Year is positioned to answer is what happened to MCU’s uncle Ben. Because Marvel Studios and Sony bypassed much of Peter’s MCU origins because of Spider-Man’s well-known history, it meant he did not show a crucial moment in his life. Uncle Ben’s death is a central part of Peter’s decision to become a superhero in the comics and has been portrayed as being so important in previous iterations of Spider-Man. The decision not to show Uncle Ben’s death again in the MCU is to some extent understandable, but there is currently no information available on what happened to him. Spider-Man’s prequel show may finally be a place for Marvel Studios to explain what happened to Uncle Ben.

The MCU has so far been reluctant to even acknowledge Uncle Ben’s existence. The best reference to his existence in MCU is the suitcase Peter takes with him Spider-Man: Far from home. Many fans have been annoyed by the lack of respect for Uncle Ben’s importance to Peter Parker at MCU. It is therefore Spider-Man: Freshman Year explaining what happened to him could be such a big deal. The animated show could do this by showing Uncle Ben if he was still alive during Peter’s first year. Flashbacks could also handle this story, depending on how MCU addresses Uncle Ben’s role in Spider-Man’s life. Even if Uncle Ben does not show up Spider-Man: Freshman Year, prequel is another opportunity for MCU to address how Peter and Aunt May’s lives changed after his death. Something as simple as a conversation about Ben Parker would even go a long way and unravel a lingering mystery about Spider-Man’s MCU history.

When did Peter become Spider-Man?

Tom Holland - Captain America: Civil War

Spider-Man: Freshman Year can also give the MCU a chance to really explain when Peter Parker became Spider-Man. His small role in Captain America: Civil War gave a tease of when this happened. Peter told Tony Stark that he got his strength six months before this meeting. Since Captain America: Civil War takes place in the first half of 2016, which means that Peter gained his strength at the end of 2015. However, it is unlikely that he immediately became Spider-Man. Peter had to figure out his abilities, which certainly took some time, and invent Spider-Man’s iconic webs and web shooters. However, this did not happen overnight, as Peter might not have even felt the need to use his powers to be a superhero yet. So even though MCU has established a loose timeline for how Peter gets his powers, it’s still unclear how long he wore his homemade Spider-Man suit before Tony Stark came to recruit him.

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How did Peter become Spider-Man?

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home

The MCU has only scratched the surface of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man in the MCU, and Spider-Man: Freshman Year is the perfect place to finally show exactly what happened. Peter confirmed in Spider-Man: Homecoming that his origin is tied to a spider bite and that the spider died. However, it is not known how or where he came in contact with this presumably radioactive spider. The comics have presented a few different explanations of Peter’s spider origins that MCU could draw on. These range from a randomly created radioactive spider biting him to one created by Norman Osborn. The former was depicted in Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy, mens The amazing Spider-Man went the way of connecting the spider with Oscorp. Spider-Man: Freshman Year can reveal either as part of Peter’s MCU origins. Then again, Marvel Studios could put its own spin on it, such as getting the radioactive spider tied to other prominent Marvel scientists like Reed Richards, Alistair Smythe or Doctor Doom.

Was Vulture Spider-Man’s first MCU villain?

Spider-Man’s MCU prequel show also has the chance to reveal whether Peter Parker encountered other villains before Adrian Toomes aka Vulture. Spider-Man: Homecoming indicates that Vulture is the biggest threat that Spider-Man has faced to this point in his superhero journey. That does not mean, however, that he did not fight other villains before. Spider-Man: Freshman Year could reveal that Peter played a role in making life difficult for The Tinkerer or New York-based criminals like Tombstone, Hammerhead or Mister Negative. Depending on how other MCU content plays out, the Spider-man prequel may even be a chance to establish a loose connection between Peter and Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Spider-Man: Freshman Year will need some sort of threat for Peter to face, and villains like these could become Spider-Man’s first enemies, who may then return in future films.

What happened to Peter’s parents?

Spider-Man parents

Another part of Spider-Man’s MCU in the past Spider-Man: Freshman Year can explore is what happened to his parents, Richard and Mary Parker. The comics have long stood by the explanation that Peter’s parents died when he was quite young, which is why Uncle Ben and Aunt May raised him. However, their background stories have changed a few different times over the years. They were members of the CIA recruited by Nick Fury in a comic book universe, while another made Richard a biologist with ties to the creation of Venom. The MCU has not given any details on what happened to Peter’s parents, so Spider-Man’s prequel show would be a good place to do just that. Spider-Man: Freshman Year could even be a place to confirm the popular theory that Peter’s parents were SHIELD agents in the MCU.

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