Miles Teller shuts down rumors that he is anti-Vax in the middle of Taylor Swift video speculation

Actor Miles Teller on Tuesday informed fans that he has been vaccinated against COVID-19 “for a while” after rumors of his status hit fever.

“Hi guys, I usually do not need to address rumors here, but I have been vaccinated and have been for a while,” he wrote on Twitter. “The only thing I’m against is hatred.”

Teller’s brief message put an end to years of speculation that he is anti-wax. The rumors intensified after the actor appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video for “I Bet You Think About Me”, which was released on Monday.

Questions about the vaccination status of the “Whiplash” star have been around since September, when claimed the Daily Mail production shut down for the upcoming limited series “The Offer” after the actor allegedly refused to be vaccinated and then tested positive for COVID-19. An unnamed source told the tabloid that Teller had refused to be vaccinated or tested.

A Teller representative told the Daily Mail that “Your facts are wrong” but did not elaborate.

The shutdown of the Paramount + series was referenced in a Hollywood Reporter feature about actors who have caused work stoppages by refusing to be vaccinated. However, the report did not mention Teller by name as the person who tested positive.

“The positive person was publicly identified as a series star who is said to be unvaccinated,” the article said. “Sources tell THR that the shutdown resulted in a $ 6 million loss for the limited-edition series ‘The Godfather.’

Performing in a music video alongside a global pop superstar naturally put the focus back on Teller. Some fans on social media worried about Swift’s well-being and wondered why the actor was involved in the project.

Teller’s tweet about his vaccination status sparked discussion among people online as they discussed how long he has been vaccinated and why he had decided to announce that he was.

“Translation: ‘Taylor Swift’s PR did not like how my unvaccinated status has gained ground since the release of her music video, which I’m part of, so now I’m forced to clarify so as not to attract any bad press. her way, ‘”a fan speculated.

“The fact that some of you think Taylor would hire an unvaccinated person to join her video LMAO,” a Swift defender wrote in response to Teller’s message.

Swift has not yet responded to the controversy, but the music video’s credit notes that it was filmed with a “COVID security team.”

Some also noted that Teller is friends with Shailene Woodley and her fiancé, Aaron Rodgers. The NFL star tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, admitting he had not been vaccinated despite previously telling the press that he had been.

Teller and his wife – Keleigh, who also appeared in Swift’s video – holiday with the couple in May. Teller has not commented publicly on Rodgers’ vaccination status or the related controversy.


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