Minecraft Disney World DLC adds Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse and more

A new collaboration between Minecraft and Disney sees a full re-creation of the Magic Kingdom park with attractions and Disney characters.

Minecraft is an expansive playground that brings together all kinds of popular culture, and now it offers a huge collaboration with Disney World. For those who need to escape to magical lands like Hogwarts or real places that they just can not get to right now, Minecraft offers an escape.

Ever since Minecraft first launched, gamers, have used its seemingly basic block-placement mechanics to create some really incredible things. Whether one creates static structures or dynamic works of art using Redstone that moves and can interact with, there is no end to what Minecraft players can make. Not to mention that Mojang Studios is always adding new environments, creatures and materials to expand the almost endless palette that players can draw from. Minecraft constructions come from equal parts fantasy and inspiration from the real world: some of the most impressive designs have been re-creations of real, existing places. Some of these real-world creations even come from official sources through fire partnerships.


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The latest collaboration, courtesy of Minecraft, is particularly magical, and it includes a full-size map of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Florida. Celebration of Magic Kingdom’s 50th jubilæum, den Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC allows players to explore a re-creation of the park, including equestrian attractions and ninety-nine Disney characters in the park as NPCs. The press release for Minecraft DLC proclaims it to be as faithful as possible, so those well versed in the Magic Kingdom should be able to see everything they know and love from the real park, recreated in Minecraft. As an official collaboration with Disney, this DLC should give some of the best mods of the year a chance for the money.

Minecraft Stony Peaks Biome Snapshot

It is far from the first time Minecraft has partnered with another popular brand to portray famous places and characters in the game. Just a few months ago, Mojang Studios released a DLC-themed package the hedgehog Sonic, complete with skins, reproductions of iconic cards and rings to collect, just like in Sonic game. And a few years back there was a DLC based on the popular cartoon Adventure Time. It also goes the other way Minecraft’s Skin, Steve, debuted as a character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Given that this is an entire amusement park, however, it is a bit more expansive.

Sure, Minecraft is still going on, giving players the chance to visit virtually a beloved amusement park that many are currently unable to visit physically. Although this DLC may not be as ridiculous as some other creations, such as full-on video games like Super Mario Land, it’s still very impressive.

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That Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

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