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Is it just my imagination, or are COVID test and contract tracking protocols becoming more sinister and intrusive from hour to hour? PJ Media was contacted Monday by a family in northern Virginia who said their child was tested for COVID-19 earlier in the day as part of pre-hospital screening for a scheduled procedure. 30 hours after the test, the parents had still not received test results from the hospital where the test was performed. However, parents who wish to remain anonymous in order to protect their health information, have have been contacted by bureaucrats from both the DC and Virginia health departments, who apparently get access to the test results before the patients / parents do.

The child in question, who is two years old and has special needs, was tested at the Children’s National Hospital in the District of Columbia. Six hours later, the mother received a cryptic text message from the Virginia Department of Health indicating that the child, who is asymptomatic, had tested positive for COVID.

“The Virginia Health Department of Health received information about your 11/15/21 COVID-19 test,” the statement said. “Stay home and stay away from other people to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

The mother was asked to use the COVIDWISE app to “anonymously notify your close contacts.”

Was the child tested positive, or was this a routine text sent to everyone who was tested for COVID? The parents were not sure what any of that meant.

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Early Tuesday morning, the mother received a call from DC Health. A bureaucrat identified herself and asked if she knew the reason for the call. The mother said she did not, and was told, “I hate being the one to tell you this, but your son was tested positive for COVID.” She then proceeded to question the mother about their recent activities and asked for the name of their church, which she declined to disclose. The family was asked to isolate the home until Thanksgiving and told that the child, who cannot take care of himself, should “technically isolate himself from us,” the mother said. “She said the Virginia Department of Health might have called and wanted to monitor him.”

“She was sweet about it, but it was still very overwhelming for the government to call and tell you what to do with your child,” the mother told PJ Media.

After hanging out with DC Health, she called the ward where the child was scheduled for the medical procedure and was informed that a positive COVID test had been noted in his chart. She thought it was probably a false positive, asked if he could be tested again the day of the procedure, but was told they would not risk him bringing the virus into the hospital. They moved his appointment to early December, and – get this – he will not be required to present a negative COVID test prior to hospitalization.

PJ Media contacted Children’s National Hospital, Virginia Department of Health and DC Health to ask if it is standard practice to notify officials of one’s COVID-19 status before the patient is informed, but received no response.

Maybe this is just a one-time affair, but it raises troubling questions about privacy in relation to COVID-19 test protocols and about the competence of those who administer the tests. Why are they more concerned with notifying health bureaucrats than the parents whose child has been tested positive for the virus? Is that really part of the government’s case to begin with? We have been lectured for years by abortion activists that health decisions should be kept between a woman and her doctor. But all that has gone out of the window now that health bureaucrats have been empowered to spy on individuals in their jurisdictions. And now that they’ve got this extraordinary power, do not expect them to give it up right now. It will be used for the next health crisis, and perhaps even for routine diseases like the flu in the future.


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