The Northern Spark Art Festival takes place on University Avenue in St. Louis. Paul in June – Twin Cities

Northern Spark, the free art festival that has taken place in the twin towns in the early summer of 2011 – apart from a COVID cancellation in 2020, takes place in person in St. Paul on 11-12. June.

The location and theme – “What the World Needs Now” – was announced on Tuesday. Northern Spark 2022 runs from kl. 21:00 to 02.00 on University Avenue, with a closing event from kl. 02:00 to 05:30 on Raspberry Island in the center of St. Paul on the Mississippi River.

In the first seven years with Northern Spark in the Twin Cities, it was an affair from dusk to dawn. In 2018, it shifted to two nights, which reduced the small hours during which the crowds became smaller and the festival participants pressured themselves to stay awake. Over the years, events have shifted between St. Paul and Minneapolis, a year along the green line between the two cities.

It returns to dusk at dawn for 2022.

In a press release, Northern Spark said: “We are pleased to return to the Rondo, Frogtown and Little Mekong neighborhoods, as well as the river, and to continue the collaboration with the Victoria Theater Arts Center, Springboard for the Arts, Rondo Community Library and others this year. activities. ”

Northern Spark has launched two open calls for artists to propose projects for the festival. For more info:

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