Watch the epic John Dutton / Checkers Shootout Scene from ‘Yellowstone’

The scene where John Dutton killed Checkers has hit the net for “Yellowstone” fans.

At the end of the third episode of season four, the leader of the Dutton family participated in an exchange of gunfire against the man responsible for assembling the assassination team. (NOTIFICATION: ‘Yellowstone‘Is Incredible in Season Four, Episode Three’ Winning or Learning ‘)

In classic Dutton fashion, he delivered the epic line: “Will you send me to heaven before I park your ass in hell?” just before blasting away.

Take a moment to see the incredible scene below.

Of all the “Yellowstone” death scenes, this one from John and Checkers is right near the top of the list. I was going crazy when I first saw it.

What an epic line to deliver just before you take the trash out to the train station.

Throughout the first three episodes of season four, we’ve had an absolutely incredible time, and I only expect the intensity to increase as we learn more and more about who ordered the attacks on the Dutton family.

If you’re not already watching season four of “Yellowstone,” I do not know what to tell you. It is the best program on TV and there is not a second nearby.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday for the fourth episode of the new season. I can not wait!

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