X-Men’s Krakoa turns mutants against humanity

The X-Men island nation of Krakoa may seem like a paradise for mutants, but its isolation could mean disaster for humanity.

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men Unlimited # 5-11 ahead!

That X men‘s newly founded nation of Crack has made the Earth’s mutant population more united and powerful than ever, especially with the recent terraforming of Arakko, but its forced separation from the rest of the world has begun to radicalize mutants against their human neighbors. Relationships between mutants and humans have never been easy, and although one of Krakow’s main laws is, “Murder no [hu]male,” there are many Krakoans who now feel that they are more developed and better than people on the mainland. There is no better example of this than the recent delegation of the once kind and caring Nature Girl to a literally deadly radical eco-terrorist in the new X-Men Unlimited.


Lin Li was first introduced in Wolverine and X-Men # 1 as a student at the Jean Gray School of Higher Learning, where it was revealed that her mutant power allowed her to communicate with plant and animal life and have a very deep sense of connection with the planet. After becoming close friends with Trevor (Eye-Boy) while under the supervision of Wolverine, they both went on to be part of Generation X at the Kitty Prydes Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach. Nature Girl has always come off as a kind, caring, gentle young woman who believed in the sanctity of all plant and animal life above all else.

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But starting in X-Men Unlimited # 5, Nature Girl begins a rampage against humanity that has not yet ceased from number 11. While on a beach with other young mutants, Lin encounters a sea turtle that was strangled in a plastic bag. She mentally feels its pain and sadness. This pushed Nature Girl over the edge, and as the Kraków nation became more just and totalitarian towards humans as a whole, she decided that it was her duty to put an end to the human scourge on Earth, even though it broke a cardinal Kraków law . Lin used a Krakoan port to travel to Las Vegas and track down the grocery store where the plastic bag came from, eventually confronting a cashier about his role in the turtle’s death before murdered him with scissors.

Nature Girl after her second mutation.

As Krakoa’s relationship was already shaky with the rest of the world, Professor X quickly sent Wolverine out to bring Nature Girl in to be convicted, even though he initially turns out to be incapable. Lin stops at Krakoa and picks up another young mutant, Curse, to join her and declares himself “X-Men Green”. The latest issue ends with Wolverine finally losing his patience after Nature Girl blew up a massive oil processing plant and punched Curse and Lin in the face for taking them in.

Lin’s feelings about how humans treat the Earth and its plants and animals are completely valid, but her methods have become villains, making her a violent environmental terrorist. Krakoa is still meant to promote peace between mutants and humans, but by differentiating itself from the rest of the world X men have caused many of their races to be interrupted and insensitive to violence against humans. While Krakoa may seem like a paradise for mutants, it could potentially mean disaster for humans.

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