10 things that only comic book readers know about Black Knight’s Ibony Blade

Kit Harington made his MCU debut in Eternal, who plays the overly supportive Dane Whitman, Sersi’s girlfriend, who struggles to understand her nature. Whitman is barely in the picture, but the post-credit scene suggests that he will not only return, but also take on his cartoon alter ego, The Black Knight.

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Comic book fans know Black Knight well, but the character can be strange to mainstream audiences. Even more mysterious is his signature weapon, the legendary Ebony Blade, an ancient sword that carries a strong curse. And when it comes to Marvel weapons, the Ebony Blade immediately stands out as one of the best ever.


Merlin Forged The Ibony Blade

Merlin creates the ebony leaf

There have been countless magical versions of the legendary Merlin over the years, so of course Marvel has its own take on the wizard. On Earth 616, Merlin was one of the first Sorcerer Supremes, a creature so crucial that he exists on Otherworld, personally monitoring and manipulating events to preserve reality.

Using an ancient meteorite known as Starstone, Merlin forged Ebony Blade. He gave it to several knights, but realized that the sword corrupted them all, drove them mad and forced him to kill them. He understood then that only one who was pure in heart could swing the sword; everyone else would fall for Blades corruption, their worst instincts were amplified.

The Ebony Blade & Sir Percival Of Scandia

Sir Percy from Scandia uses Ebony Blade on the battlefield

Merlin kept Blade’s true nature secret and donated it to Sir Percival of Scandia, the ninth user of the weapon. The knight then became Merlin’s agent in Camelot, preventing several attempts at King Arthur’s life and serving Mordred’s hatred. With each new killing, Percy became more independent, something that became more and more clear.

The wizard then lied, claiming that the sword got a curse because of Percy’s excessive bloodshed. In fact, Blade only enhanced Percy’s already unstable and furious nature, traits that he would pass on to every member of his family. After several years of service, Percy died at Mordred’s hand during the siege of Camelot. He allowed himself to be killed and threw Ebony Blade aside in hopes of correcting the mistakes of his life in the afterlife.

The blade through the story

what is the ebony blade marvel black knight

After the death of Sir Percival, the Ebony Blade went from hand to hand during the Middle Ages. During the Crusades, many Knights Templar stretched with the sword, marveling at its seemingly supernatural abilities. However, the Blades’ influence quickly took over and many died as a result.

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The Ebony Blade continued its eternal existence and remained within the Whitman family until it finally reached its most famous bearer, the third incarnation of the Black Knights.

The Ebony Blade & Dane Whitman

Shared photo showing Dane Whitman and Black Knight swinging ebony magazine

Comic book fans know Dane Whitman as the Black Knight, an avenger closely related to the Eternal, Sersi. Dane first encounters Ebony Blade as he inherits his uncle’s ancestral castle. Once he has found the sword, Sir Percy visits the spirit and tests Dane, which ultimately considers him worthy to carry the sword.

Dane then becomes the third black knight after the death of his uncle Nathan Garret. Like Black Knight, the Dane becomes an early member of Defenders. He is transformed into stone during a battle with the entryllerinden, and his spirit travels back in time to the 12th century.

The sword in the stone

Bloodwraith swinging ebony blade

When he returns to his body in the present, the Dane gives the sword before it destroys him. He travels back to his castle and drives the blade into the meteor from which it came, Starstone. Dane then claims that only a worthy one will be able to pull it out of the meteor.

Some time later, Dane’s former gunman, Sean Dolan, draws his sword during an attack on the castle. He uses it for a while before succumbing to its dark influence. By becoming Bloodwraith, Dolan becomes an unstoppable threat that not even the Avengers can defeat. The Scarlet Witch then uses his enormous powers to capture Dolan in the ruined country of Slovenia, preventing him from ever leaving its borders.

The Black Knight of the Vatican and Black Panthers

Queen Ororo Munroe returns Ebony Blade to Danish Whitman

After Dolan’s time with the sword, the blade fell into the hands of the Vatican’s Black Knight. Augustine du Lac was a descendant of Lancelot and a fervent Catholic who helped Ulysses Klaw in the Vatican’s invasion of the mysterious and amazing Wakanda, home of the Black Panther. Eventually, T’Challa defeated du Lac, and he has been a prisoner of Wakanda ever since.

T’Challa and even Shuri then used the magazine, but always with discretion. Eventually, T’Challa revealed that he was just waiting for Whitman and returning Blade to its rightful owner.

Corrupts Captain America

Marvel Black Knight Ebony Blade and Chris Evans as Captain America With Silver Shield

After traveling to Wakanda to pick up the Ebony Blade, Dane resumes his heroic duties. However, the influence of the sword begins to wreak havoc on him, to the point where he gives in to his rage and kills the criminal carnivore. Dane later flees to Weirdworld, followed by the Avengers Unity Division.

Commander Rogers then takes the magazine from Dane. But in one of the strangest Captain America stories from the comics, the usually incorruptible Steve falls victim to the influence of the sword. Dane once again convinces Steve to return the Ebony Blade to him, and the captain agrees.

To learn the truth

Black Knight Ebony blade

Once again burdened by Bladet’s responsibility, the Dane was increasingly detached from his fellow heroes. During the War of the Realms, Dark Elf defeated Malekith Whitman in battle and took the Ebony Blade. However, he got it back and fought against Knull’s symbiotic dragon during the invasion of the dark god.

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It was Knull who revealed Blade’s true nature to Whitman, leaving him crushed on Merlin and Sir Percy’s deception. Dane has a brief crisis of faith, but he ultimately chooses to use his inner darkness for good and beats Knull with the full force of the Blade.

Curse Of The Ibony Blade

The Black Knight points his sword at someone

Probably the black knight’s most emblematic story in the comics, Curse of the Ibony Blade cemented the character’s legacy in the Marvel universe. It features the return of Mordred Pendragon, who beheads Danes using Ebony Dagger, another weapon forged from Starstone Meteor. Taken back to his castle, Blade Dane revives, and he joins forces with Elsa Bloodstone and a reluctant scholar named Jacks Chopra to learn more about the curse of the sword.

Together, they find out that Merlin forged other relics from the meteor and secretly orchestrated Camelot’s downfall to cover up his many secrets. Whitman decides to give up Blade forever, allowing Mordred to kill him again. Jacks then tries to avenge Dane, only for Mordred to kill her as well. Victoriously, he collects all the relics and forms the Ebony Crown. But his plan backfired when the Crown revived Jacks and revealed her as the Dane’s long-gone daughter. After defeating Mordred, Jacks successfully brings Dane back to life and agrees to share the magazine’s curse. The two then become the Black Knight, alternating with the sword.

Powers and abilities

Black Knight with his Ebony Blade.

Ebony Blade is among the most powerful weapons in Marvel comics. It has a wide range of capabilities that make its user virtually invincible. The blade diverts most magical attacks and is unaffected by them. When used in a certain way, it can also absorb energy explosions. On some occasions, it appears that the blade is capable of cutting through any metal on earth, including adamantium and vibranium.

The blade can transport its wielder across space and time where it is. While holding the sword, the user cannot be injured or killed. When the blade is fully driven, it forms a full armor around its carrier so they can fly. In special circumstances, it can also open portals to other dimensions.

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