Bachelorette fans respond to Martin calling women ‘High Maintenance’

Bachelor Nation fans are responding to Martin Gelbspan calling women “high maintenance” in the latest episode of Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette.

Martin Gelbspan called women “high maintenance” in the latest episode of Michelle Young’s season of The bachelor, and the Bachelor Nation is now responding to his comments. A few weeks ago, fans were introduced to Martin as a 29-year-old personal trainer from Miami, Florida. He did not necessarily make the best impression on his first night of the show, but he did not manage to shake any feathers and not rub people the wrong way during the premiere.

Like this season of The bachelor went by, but some viewers began to take a problem with Martin. Despite receiving a rose at the end of Top Gun: Maverick group date in episode 3, Bachelor Nation never felt like he had such a solid relationship with Michelle as other men in the cast. In any case, viewers gave Martin a pass after he made Michelle aware of Jamie Skaar’s quarrels. Now the tide is turning against him again.


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This week, Martin Gelbspan was seen calling women “high maintenance” on The bachelor season 18 episode 5. Needless to say, Bachelor Nation fans on social media did not respond well to it. Michelle Young also seems to be finding out about Martin slowly and surely, and some viewers thought he would be sent home during the latest episode. However, it looks like Michelle has not cracked the code on Martin yet, which led to him staying in the competition for another week. Unfortunately, Chris Sutton and Leroy Arthur were among the three eliminated contestants in week five.

It never bodes well for men The bachelor to give opinions that are perceived as misogynistic, on a show with a fanbase like Bachelor Nation. Especially in recent years, viewers do not let comments like these slip on TV. As seen in the tweets above, it is especially ironic when a man reads like “high maintenance” continues to put that mark on women. As fans question Martin’s statements and Michelle learns more about him over the course of the season, it does not look so good for his journey ahead The bachelor. Unless other contestants make even bigger waves in the next few weeks, his actions are likely to come back to bite him.

It has certainly been there “villains” that viewers hated to watch but still had to find themselves in them week after week in the program. However, these examples have not been so common in recent seasons The bachelor. Since Michelle is so attuned to what’s going on, Martin’s time in his season may be coming to an end.

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The bachelor season 18 is broadcast on Tuesdays at 20 ET / PT on ABC.


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