Catholic footballer suspended for saying there are two sexes

A newly trained football player at Exeter High School in New Hampshire, who is also a practicing Catholic, was suspended from school after saying there are only two sexes.

Now the teenager’s family is suing the school.

According to the law firm representing the teenager, identified in official documents as “MP”, the young man did nothing wrong and made use of his constitutional right to express his views.

“The MP did not harass or degrade any student, but merely expressed his views on a controversial cultural issue.”

According to New Hampshire Journal:

The MP had an exchange with a progressive student, who is described as not transgender, in a school bus. During the conversation, the MP passed on his belief informed by Catholic doctrine that there are two sexes, male and female. This exchange was followed by a conversation between the two students over an SMS app. That was when the progressive student then got [Exeter Assistant Principal Marcy]Dovholuk involved.

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According to the complaint, the “progressive” student printed out the text exchange and handed it to Dovholuk. The latter confronted the MP with the messages and informed him that he would receive an athletic suspension.

As New Hampshire Journal reports:

Exeter adopted a Gender Nonconforming Students Policy in 2016, which in part states, ‘[a] students have the right to be prosecuted with a name and pronoun corresponding to the student’s gender identity, ‘it also includes a broader rule:’ the intentional … refusal to respect a student’s gender identity … is a violation of this policy. ‘

Exeter High School is no stranger to controversy. As the NH Journal reports, the school appeared in a report filed by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and the Office of the Commissioner for New Hampshire’s Department of Education, in which it was found that school officials put marks on the hands of students at the ball. to indicate their vaccination status.

In addition, it was revealed that Andres Mejia, the district’s director of diversity, justice, inclusion and justice, is in the leadership team of a local Black Lives Matter department.

“The complaint alleges that the district violates the MP’s rights under Article 22 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights, which protects his right to freedom of expression,” he said. NH Journal reports. “The lawsuit also alleges that the school had no legal option to punish the MP for the content of his text messages off campus.”

In a similar case, the Loudoun County School Board on Tuesday overturned the suspension of a gymnastics coach who refused to use a student’s favorite pronoun.

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