Chris Tucker sued the IRS for $ 9.6 million in repayment

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Chris Tucker owes Internal Revenue Service $ 9.6 million in residual tax. According to court documents obtained by AND, the comedian owes about $ 9.6 million in residual tax, fines and interest.

IRS brought an action against the ‘Rush Hour’ actor claiming he has ignored his debt to Uncle Sam, a crime punishable by imprisonment in the federal pen.

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According to the lawsuit, Tucker owes taxes related to unreported returns dating back to 2002.

The court documents also state that Tucker, 50, defaulted on his debt three times by failing to pay monthly installment agreements.

The lawsuit alleges that during four separate years, Tucker reported his income and paid significantly less to the IRS than he actually owed.

The IRS states that the total amount owed may increase significantly, “Since the assessment dates described above, interest, fines and statutory surcharges have accrued and will continue to accrue as required by law.”

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