Don’t let Halo Infinite make you forget the great new Game Pass add-ons

A soldier with a large sword goes to another soldier with a large sword, but they are both kind of threatening and about to start a fight in Mortal Shell on the Xbox Game Pass.

You will soon be able to play the relentless action RPG Deadly Shell via cloud games.
Screenshot: Cold symmetry

It’s hard to believe I know, but there are other games coming to Xbox that do not start with glory and end with Infinite. Over the next two weeks, Microsoft will add 10 more games to the Xbox Game Pass. Here’s what has struck me: I’ve seen these rollouts like a hawk for years. For the first time I can remember, every upcoming add-on will be available through Xbox Cloud Gaming:

November 16

  • Dead Space, via EA Play (Cloud)
  • Dragon Age: Origins, via EA Play (Cloud)

November 17

  • Next Space Rebels (Sky, console, pc)

November 18

  • Exo One (Sky, console, pc)
  • Get tactics (Sky, console, pc)
  • My friend Pedro (Sky, console, pc)
  • UnDungeon (Sky, console, pc)

November 23

  • Deeeer Simulator (Sky, console, pc)
  • Deadly Shell (Sky, console, pc)

November 30th

  • Evil genius 2 (Sky, console, pc)

The platform’s push into cloud games has been clear for some time, with Xbox head Phil Spencer on overtime recently to create buzz. Yesterday, an airy but nonetheless interesting British GQ profile detailed Microsoft’s push into the technology. Cloud gaming options for Xbox games first became available in 2019, but have rapidly expanded in recent months. For some Xbox users, you can now stream games directly to your console. One day soon, a similar option will be available on your smart TV. And you can already do it on mobile devices, with varying results.

“At some point in our future, more people will be part of the Xbox community on mobile than they are on any other device, just because of how many cell phones there are,” Spencer told Axios Gaming.

But nothing can stop the endless revolution. The following are leaving the Xbox Game Pass library from November 30:

  • Call of the Sea (Sky, console, pc)
  • FIFA 19 (console and PC)
  • Football Manager 2021 (PC)
  • Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition (console, pc)
  • The garden (Sky, console, pc)
  • Hello Neighbor (Sky, console, pc)
  • Morkredd (Sky, console, pc)
  • Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (PC)

And on December 8, the same day as Halo infinite‘s official release, Destiny 2: Beyond Light-a well-received extension to an immensely popular loot-shooter made by the original creators of glory– will no longer be available on Game Pass. Two other massive Fate 2 extensions, Abandoned and Shadowkeep, are still playable (and does not appear to be going anywhere). From 7 December Abandoned will be free for all players before that disappears into the void in February.


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