Forza 5’s Big AFK Money and XP Glitch, explained

Forza Horizon 5 cars are driving down a street in Mexico City.

Picture: Microsoft

Forza Horizon 5 has a wealth of cars, and the most impressive ones all cost a fortune, so players have been eagerly looking for the fastest ways to get credits and XP. The answer? A course called Goliath that players can complete without ever touching their controller.

As first reported by IGN, the utilization revolves around the game’s auto-steering mechanics, which can be utilized to efficiently transform your favorite vehicle into a self-driving car. Combine that with an extremely long run like the 50-lap Goliath track, and you can collect XP, credits, car championship points and recognitions while at work during the day or sleeping overnight.

Here are the exact steps:

  1. Switch on full driving assistance, including assisted braking, auto steering, traction control and stability control.
  2. Choose a car with good handling and braking that is too heavy to fly off the track, as the BMW X5 FE.
  3. Choose a Goliath race from the Creative Hub trends section.
  4. Choose one without AI drivers and play it solo.
  5. Make sure you are using an Xbox One controller. Xbox Series X / S controllers turn off automatically after a short time.
  6. Put a rubber band around your Xbox One controller to pull the right trigger back so you are constantly accelerating.
  7. Grab yourself a cookie to wash the shame away.

A screenshot shows the Drivatar difficulty settings in Forza Horizon 5.

The longer the Eventlab blueprint race is, the more you will earn. With over 15 minutes per. round, the Goliath course fits perfectly, which is why players have filled up the Creative Hub with them. A few days with AFK farming can earn more credits and XP than most players would get in weeks of playing normally.

The hardest part of this utilization, however, is being able to afford a car with good enough statistics to complete the track without repeatedly crashing. The Lamborghini Sesto, for example, does the job, but costs about 6 million credits. Some players have also had an easier time preventing cars from driving past selection of wet Goliath cards and tune their vehicles accordingly. Still, many will have to save up a decent number of credits before Goliath AFK becomes a viable trick at all.

As games add an increasingly impressive number of accessibility options, it seems inevitable that players will take advantage of them to discover new exploits. The question is whether it ultimately matters in a game without a common economy.

Not everyone is in favor of breaking the game in this way, and the ethics surrounding Goliath AFK agriculture has been the subject of much debate about Forza Horizon 5 subreddit. This is at least in part because it can be used to buy the rarest cars before, and then utilize them in online races. Until Playground Games corrects the exploitation, it will be every driver for himself.


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