Star Trek Discovery taken from Netflix days before season 4

Commander Michael Burnham, in Discovery outdoor equipment, looks out of a lookout port with a face of concern.

Same thing, Michael. Same.
Photo: Michael Gibson / CBS

In three seasons, most of the world has seen Star Trek: Discovery through Netflix, the streaming platform that at least outside the US was also home to most of Star Trek‘s past as well. But in a shocking move, a few days before the series was to return to the streamer for its fourth season, these fans now have to wait – and sign up for a completely different streaming service.

Deadline reports that ViacomCBS has paid the lucrative deal that resulted Discovery to Netflix worldwide outside the US and Canada four years ago, pulling the entire show off the platform at midnight tonight. It means the removal too Discovery‘s fourth season, which was expected to begin airing weekly on Netflix starting this Friday, November 19—one day after the premiere on Paramount + in the US and on CTV’s Sci-Fi Channel in Canada — will now not be broadcast in international markets for at least a few months.

The move comes as ViacomCBS prepares to bring the Paramount + streaming platform to international markets in 2022. The company expects to launch Paramount + in just over 20 countries, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which will accelerate it to up to up to 20 countries. 45 at the end of the year. But it is a fraction of the countries where Discovery was previously available to watch on Netflix, around 190 – and that also means fans who expected to watch new episodes this week will now have to wait for a time in 2022

The move also leaves others contemporary Star Trek shows in limbo. While the former main line Star Trek shows – the original series and The animated series, The next generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprisestill at the moment in international Netflix markets (they left the US version of the streaming service earlier this year), Picard, Lower deck, and prodigy all are currently streaming on different platforms. Picard and Lower deck are primarily available on Amazon Prime Video in international markets while the newly launched prodigy has not yet been made available outside the premiere that it is released Nickelodeons Youtube channel. It is likely that at some point before their return (and full premiere, in prodigycases), they will all be migrated to Paramount + exclusively in the next year. But if you were looking forward to sitting down to something new Star Trek this week outside the US and Canada, now you will be bravely left nowhere.

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