The Flash finally understands how powerful Barry Allen is

The premiere of Flash Season 8 shows how powerful Barry Allen has become and how easily the fastest man alive can defeat most enemies.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Lightning season 8 premiere.

Lightning the season 8 premiere increased Barry Allen significantly, with the self-written Fastest Man Alive proving worthy of the title for the first time in a long time. Many superhero fans have criticized the recent seasons of Lightning for not having done a good job of showing how powerful Barry Allen is, or going out of their way to restrain him so that the villains he faced could pose a plausible threat. It appears that the authors of Lightning has taken these complaints to heart because “Armageddon, Part 1” conveyed how amazing The Flash can be while still challenging the Scarlet Speedster.


The first contemporary scene of the crossover event Armageddon found Barry Allen, who for once slowed down and took some time off to catch up with Caitlin Snow over a cup of coffee. While chatting, Barry received a police alert on his phone about two trains that were on a collision course 50 miles south of Keystone City. Barry set off to deal with the problem, and when he returned, local news reported that despite both trains exploding in the collision, there were no fatalities thanks to The Flash evacuating both trains before the moment of collision.

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Caitlin was impressed, noting that Barry must have emptied both trains in 20 seconds. “12, in fact, “Barry replied modestly before asking Caitlin to taste her coffee, revealing that he too had taken the time to pick up the oatmeal she had asked for earlier. This was a funny capstone that showed how versatile Barry was. Allen’s speedster powers are, at the same time as he affirmed that, despite all his power and abilities, he is still the same kind-hearted soul who tries to take care of his friends when he is not saving lives.

The Flash and Jack from the Royal Flush Gang

Another scene in “Armageddon, Part 1,” further showed how powerful Barry Allen has become and that he is capable of fighting multiple meta-human villains at once. Barry determined that the train collision had been set up as a distraction by the Royal Flush Gang, covering up a theft from one of the trains. Barry tracked the villains to their hiding place and offered them a chance to surrender, which the four refused. The odds certainly seemed to favor the Royal Flush Gang, as their leader, Queen, was a psychic telepath who could predict a person’s actions at the speed of thought. Fortunately, the scene that followed avoided the common Arrowverse problem, where the heroes did not use their abilities to their fullest to draw a story.

The flash turned out to be faster than the speed of thought and went randomly between the Royal Flush Gang members with a laugh on the lip and moved them so that their attacks were directed at each other instead of him. After that, it was a simple matter to mount them all with power-reducing handcuffs. When the Queen protested that she had read his mind and seen what he had planned to do, The Flash replied “You can read minds, but I can think at super speed,“and revealed that he had changed his mind sooner than Queen could perceive his new plan. Although this scene was not related to the larger story of the Armageddon crossover event, it proved that Lightning had received a significant power upgrade, and that the series’ writers will no longer hold Barry Allen back.

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