The Last of Us 2 Fan makes an incredible art collage

A talented The Last of Us 2 fan shares a completely unique work of art with the collage with several iconic items from the sequel.


The last of us 2 fan art has been plentiful since it was released, and artists have constantly found unique ways to celebrate the game. One collage is particularly memorable as it sees multiple elements from The last of us 2 gathered on a single page.

This Last of us 2 fan art comes courtesy of Reddit user Paigeth and is made in a hand-drawn style that makes it look like a page from Ellie’s journal. While fans have already recreated the character’s diary in the real world, this particular page would be a nice addition to it. Although the art looks incredible in itself, those who have an appreciation for the game should love it even more as it consists solely of meaningful props from the game.


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Next to weapons like Ellie’s bow, her knife and some weapons, the golf club was tied to The last of us 2‘s most controversial scene is present. Various mushrooms are included to represent the cordyceps mushroom, which is a nice detail. Ellie’s sneakers are seen in the art, as is her tattoo, where all the objects have a different size. The braided hair in the upper right corner is a clear nod to Abby, the game’s second main character, who ensures that both characters get equal representation in the play.

A patch for outer space serves as a clear reference to Ellie’s passion for sci-fi and The last of us 2s museum flashback, while the WLF patch recognizes Abby’s faction. Another nod comes in the form of shark lights from The last of us 2‘s Aquarium, another place that plays a big role in the game’s history. A few more things include Ellie’s broken gas mask and Joel’s broken watch, two things that are part of some great moments.

In the title of the post, Paigeth confirms that it was difficult to choose which items were cut for their Last of us 2 collage. While things like Joel’s guitar were given, there were many eye-catching elements seen in the game, so it makes sense that Paigeth had a hard time with the selection process. Still, given the quality of the piece and the positive reception from those who have seen the art, it seems safe to say that Redditor did a fine job of selecting the symbols that best represent the game.

While some commentators suggested items that would have fit well, such as the bracelet worn by Ellie and Dina, most responses focused on praising the artist’s style. While there will definitely be a lot more fan art to be shared in the future, it will be hard to find a single piece that embodies the game as well as this one.

The last of us 2 is available now on PS4.

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