The most dangerous game images include CT Tamburello, Casper Van Diem

The latest adaptation of the classic story comes in the summer of 2022.

Image via Mill Creek Entertainment

The first look pictures from the upcoming survival thriller feature film remake of The most dangerous game has been revealed, with permission from Deadline. The film will be an adaptation of the film from 1932, which in itself was an adaptation of the short story from 1923 of Richard Connell the same name.

Since its release, the original story has been adapted for a number of movies, radio segments and TV episodes. While each version of the story has its own twist, the story’s central narrative follows a survivor of a shipwreck stranded on an island being chased by his fellow humans. This latest rendition of the story will also add its own twist with a father and son washing ashore after their steamship sinks. The couple meets Baron Von Wolf, their host on the island, who informs them that the island is his game reserve, where people serve as the ultimate hunt.

The film is currently still in production and aims for a release in the summer of 2022. The film gets the lead role Bruce Dern (Nebraska), Judd Nelson (That Breakfast Association), Casper Van Dien (Spaceship Troopers), Tom Berenger (Sharing), and Chris “CT” Tamburello (MTVs The challenge). Other members of the cast include Elissa Dowling, Kevin Porter, Eddie Finlay, and Randy Charach.


Image via Mill Creek Entertainment

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Berenger plays a survivor hiding on the island who has almost completely lost his mind. Tamburello will play Singer, the main character in the original short story. This image marks Tamburello’s second outing in a narrative feature where his first was 2019’s Common.

The most dangerous game is directed by Justin Lee (Finale Kill), who will also act as author. The most dangerous game is still in production and is currently scheduled for release in the summer of 2022. See photo from The most dangerous game below.


Image via Mill Creek Entertainment

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The thriller will premiere next year.

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