The saga continues as Dani Leigh and DaBaby fight each other to get the last word on Instagram

BET Awards 2019 - Red carpet

BET Awards 2019 – Red carpet

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After being humiliated on social media, Dani Leigh has been charged with two counts of simple assault. According to TMZ, police charged her after DaBaby called police on the night of Nov. 14 and in the morning of Nov. 15 with allegations of domestic abuse against Leigh, born Danielle Curiel.

“As a result of the investigation, Curiel was served on a criminal subpoena for simple assault. Officers also obtained additional information that led them to charge Curiel with another charge of Simple Assault from the November 14 incident,” a statement said. Rolling stones.

Their drama unfolded on social media thanks to DaBaby going on Instagram Live. On the night of November 14, the “Bop” rapper went on Live when Leigh fed their three-month-old baby and opposed her. The following morning, he grabbed back to Instagram Live and accused Leigh of having his child as a marketing program. Leigh heard this from another room and came out and began to dispute his claims. Besides calling her “cuckoo for coconut puffs”, he called her his side b **** and even joked that someone should call talk show host Maury to get a paternity test. He told her she was never his girlfriend, which Leigh repeatedly denied, saying he had tried to get her out of his house, but she would not go. Dani Leigh said he was upset because he asked her to go and go to a hotel so he could entertain other women. She also said he was sorry she had a plan B pill sent home to him.

“All he wants to do is get in me without responsibility,” she wrote on Instagram Live. “Obviously he’s probably going to want me out so he can fuck his baby mom and other babes who’s known we’ve been together all along while I’ve just had my first child. All of this says that this man is a *** coward! “

Leigh then went on his own Instagram Live when police were called a second time.

Their conflict continued to unfold on social media after the 29-year-old rapper posted a lengthy statement in which he claimed Leigh refused to let go, saying they were in a “fatal attraction” type of relationship.

“I have been beaten and shouted at and chased around like one of those fatal girls,” he wrote.

Leigh later posted a picture of the ceiling on a plane and said she and their baby were good. She also posted a series of photos and videos of her and DaBaby together to disprove his claims that she was a “side chick.”

It seems that the “Easy” singer did not lie about his promiscuous ways. During their drama, a hairdresser posted on social media that after she and DaBaby were intimate, he booked an appointment for his child’s mother with her.

Take a look at a few more posts from their feud below.

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