Xbox continues to dance around with obvious Elder Scrolls VI exclusivity

The Elder Scrolls VI logo appears above the Tamriel Mountains.

Picture: Bethesda

When the long awaited sci-fi RPG in the open world Starfield coming out next year not coming to PS4 or PS5. It’s a fact that seemed obvious when Microsoft announced that it bought publisher Bethesda over a year ago in a groundbreaking $ 7.5 billion deal, but it took the Xbox team until a few months ago to admit it. Now do the same dance with The Elder Scrolls VI.

Bethesda’s still distant successor to Skyrim will also not be on Sony’s consoles, a fact that Xbox boss Phil Spencer stopped just being shy to explicitly confirm in a new interview with British GQ. “It has been confirmed that next year Starfield, without a doubt the biggest game in 2022, will only be Xbox and PC, ”the magazine wrote. “Spencer says he sees the same for The Elder Scrolls VI. “

Spencer then went on to say a whole lot of words that were not “exclusive”.

“It’s not about punishing any other platform, just as I basically believe that all platforms can continue to grow,” he said. British GQ. “But to be on the Xbox, I want us to be able to bring the full package of what we have. And that would be true when I think about Oldest rolls VI. That would be true when I think of any of our franchises. “

None of this matters. It’s just a spoonful of marketing nonsense to make the medicine go down. Microsoft spent a fortune acquiring some of the biggest blockbuster game series and the studios behind them because they wanted to make them exclusive. That’s what companies do. Is Insomniac still making Xbox games? No it is not. Sony spent $ 229 million to make sure it did not happen.

Fans remain in such disbelief that Microsoft could do it against people like Fall out, Wolfenstein, and Doom, however, that they continue to hold out a bizarre piece of hope that the multi-platform door has not already been closed in their faces. And then you have Spencer to say things like, “We’re taking other consoles on one from case to case, “and” some new titles in the future that will be exclusively for Xbox and PC players. “

An astronaut is preparing to take off in a spaceship in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda

Shortly after the deal was first announced, Spencer jumped given this cumbersome non-response to so-Kotaku Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Totilo:

This agreement was not entered into to take games away from another player base that way. Nowhere in the documentation that we put together did it say, ‘How do we prevent other players from playing these games?’ We want more people to be able to play games, not fewer people to be able to play games. But I also want to say in the model – I just answer directly to the question you had – when I think about where people should play and the number of devices we had and we have xCloud and PC and games Pass and our console base, I do not have to post these games on any platform other than the platforms that we support, in order to somehow make the deal work for us. Whatever that means.

TL; DR: Fallout 5 not coming to PS6.

But because Spencer cannot say that without risking longtime fans and console war meme masters, he has to turn the movement around as something other than a skirt for millions of people who bought the wrong box. In October 2020, it read: “This deal was not made to take games away from another player base.” This week it was “It’s not about punishing any other platform.”

What else could it be about? This is the whole point of shielded ecosystems like video game consoles and smartphones. They exist to collect rent on people who have invested too much to leave, in part because games are so expensive to make. It’s one of the few ways companies have figured out how to make math work (at least for their shareholders).

It is possible that there is a world where something that becomes exclusive ends up being net-positive for most players. It’s hard to see the money in Arkane making The disgrace 3. It’s less difficult when it could become a loss manager on a subscription service like Game Pass, and I really want that The disgrace 3. But if that ever happens, you can bet the farm will not be on the next PlayStation. Because Microsoft wants you to give it your money instead of Sony, even if it means taking it away The Elder Scrolls VI.


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