Batman’s Miracle Molly Gets A Fantastic Body Paint Cosplay

Miracle Molly comes to life in an amazing DC Comics body paint cosplay from Kay Pike that recreates the Batman hero’s unique look.

Miracle Molly is a relatively new character to Gotham City and Batmans current ongoing series, but the hero has already inspired an incredible cosplay that brings the hero to life in an extremely creative way. In a cosplay from earlier this year, Kay Pike brought the leader of the Unsanity Collective to life in an epic bodypaint cosplay that recreates Miracle Molly’s unique comically-precise look.

In the present of James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez Batman ran, several new heroes and villains have been introduced as their arc nears its end. The new faces include Ghost-Maker, Gardner, Peacekeeper-01, Punchline, Simon Saint and Clown Hunter. One of the most unique new characters is Molly Miracle, the leader of Unsanity Collective, a group that wants to make Gotham City free of trauma by using the group’s Mind Machine. Gotham, however, views the Unsanity Collective as a group of radical terrorists who use technology to obtain physical benefits. Unfortunately, the Unsanity Collective has been caught in the fire of the Magistrate’s war against vigilantes and sought refuge in Poison Ivy’s Eden. Miracle Molly has become an important ally of Batman, helping him defeat Scarecrow and Peacekeeper-01.


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Jimenez’s design for Molly Miracle is one of the more unique looks among Gotham City’s heroes and villains. Molly Miracle wears lots of pink and has leopard print pants with bengamachs and several straps and cords throughout her look. She also has several cyberpunk-like facial features that match neon green hair. All in all, Molly Miracle is not the most straightforward character to draw, as there are tons of small details about the character. But having said that, cosplayer Kay Pike recreated Molly Miracles’ unique ensemble with just body paint – and definitely got the look.

At first glance, it is not even immediately obvious that her costume is made of body paint. Kay Pike gets the details around Molly Miracles costume and facial features at the very top. It’s a really impressive body paint cosplay, from the colors of her pants to her sweater-like cape – nothing is missed from the cartoon hero’s appearance. It’s a high-stakes cosplay that is both comically accurate and striking.

It’s not entirely clear what’s next for Molly Miracle as Tynion IV and Jimenez’s Batman race comes to an end. Will the new creative team continue to use the hero? or will she disappear into the background of Gotham City after Fear state the bow is over? Whatever happens, Molly Miracle made a remarkable impression on readers during her time in the comics, further evident by stunning cosplays like Kay Pike’s body paint look.

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Source: Kay Pike

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