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Boy arrested over $ 46 million in crypto theft in the BIGGEST ever theft from one person

A boy has been arrested after a theft of $ 46 million in cryptocurrency – the largest theft ever from one person.

Police raided the boy after he hijacked his victim’s mobile phone and swindled his digital fortune.

Police have arrested a boy for stealing $ 46 million worth of cryptocurrency


Police have arrested a boy for stealing $ 46 million worth of cryptocurrencyCredit: Reuters

He targeted his victim in a SIM swap attack, which saw him duplicate phone numbers and intercept requests for two-factor authentication.

The villain snatched a total of about $ 46 million Canadian dollars (£ 36 million) in cryptocurrency, police said.

It is the largest sum ever stolen from one person.

The boy sprayed the funds on an online username that was “considered rare in the gaming community”.

The transaction prompted investigators to reveal the identity of the account holder.

The young man from Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada, was arrested for theft and possession of property or the proceeds of property obtained through crime.

His fortune was one of several crypto seizures totaling more than 7 million Canadian dollars in a single day.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact police at 905-546-4793 or via Crimestoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or online.

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