Hannah Brown has not spoken to Tyler Cameron for more than 6 months

Not just Peter! As Hannah Brown‘s bombeshell book revealing about her secret hookup with Peter Weber making headlines, fans eagerly awaiting answers about her post-Bachelor relative to Tyler Cameron, also.

IN God bless this mess, the 27-year-old author recalls that she wanted to pursue a relationship with Cameron, 28, after her whirlwind engagement to Jed Wyatt ended while season 15 of the ABC series was still airing in 2019. Days after publicly asked him out during After Final Rose In particular, Brown and her second-place finish were seen leaving her Los Angeles apartment.

According to the former Miss Alabama, the duo had plans to travel and explore their relationship, but Cameron was subsequently seen with Gigi Hadid in New York City shortly after their hangout after the show. She writes about being “deeply hurt” over how the turnkey contractor handled the situation, per People. Still, the duo reconnected in early 2020 when his mother died, and Brown’s brother overdosed in March 2020. She subsequently spent 20 days in quarantine at his home in Jupiter, Florida, hoping they would fix things. Eventually, the two, who have both sworn they did not even kiss during the coronavirus pandemic, fell out of touch after she returned to Alabama.

Hannah Brown has not spoken to Tyler Cameron for more than 6 months
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While Brown and Cameron were briefly reunited in October 2020 in Los Angeles to film YouTube content together, they have not spoken together since.

“We have not talked,” Brown said Us Weekly exclusively during promotion God bless this mess. “It’s really hard to try to figure out what’s going on in the spotlight, but I wish him luck in his endeavors.”

The competition queen admitted that it “absolutely took a long time” for her to get over both Cameron and Weber, 30, her third-place contestant, whom she secretly joined in February 2020, while his season 24 of The bachelor was aired.

“The whole problem with all that, I did not trust enough to make a decision,” she said U.S. “What you see as a pattern in the book, as if you do not really trust yourself [and] know yourself, then it’s really hard to make decisions about love and relationships, especially in intense time. ”

Brown has since moved on Adam Woolard – and fans will learn the last thing Cameron said to her when her book comes out on Tuesday, November 23rd. Cameron, for his part, admitted that he abused the drama with his ex and Hadid, 26, in his own book, You Deserve Better: What Life Has Taught Me About Love, Relationships, and Becoming Your Best Self.

“This was a big mistake on my part. Not because I should not have been boyfriends, because I was very clear with Hannah Lang that after the way the show ended, I needed some time and space to figure it out. things, “he wrote.” I even called Hannah that afternoon the day I arrived in New York and told her again that I thought we both deserved to date other people. But I still put Hannah in a tough, tough position. … If I could go back and do it all over again, I would handle it differently. My communication should have been better. ”

God bless this mess: Learn to live and love through life’s best (and worst) moments can be pre-ordered and is ready on Tuesday 23 November.

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