MTV responds to Leroy Garrett ‘The Challenge’, Camila Criticism

Owning. MTV released a statement after The challenge alun Leroy Garrett accused the network of having abused a racist accused incident between him and costar Camila Nakagawa in 2017.

“MTV and Bunim / Murray were saddened by Leroy Garrett’s report on his experience at The Challenge in 2017,” the network said in a statement obtained by Us Weekly. “We apologize to Leroy, who is a beloved member of The Challenge family. While we sought to support the cast and address the incident in the air at the time, it is now clear that we did not do enough. We have learned from this experience and continues to double our training programs for all actors and crews to ensure a safe, respectful and inclusive set free from discrimination and harassment in any form. “

MTV responds to challenges Leroy criticizes response Camila incident

Leroy Garrett and Camila Nakagawa. MTV (2)

Nakagawa, 33, called Garrett, 36, a “black mother-king p-sy” in the middle of a drunken outburst that took place during Dirty 30 season of the MTV reality show. She later shouted, “It’s all about black grandma like that piece of st!”

Garrett picked up the argument the next morning while he was hosting TJ Lavin was present, and Nakagawa subsequently apologized. Though The real world: Las Vegas Alun hoped his teammate would be sent home for her remarks, Lavin, 44, focusing instead on game talk.

“I was thinking, ‘What the hell is going on? Is there no one who wants to talk about what happened?’ Imagine that, “Garrett recalled in an Instagram video released on Monday, November 15th. “The producers did not tell TJ to say anything. I have to say something. I was the victim last night and I have to address why something happened to me and basically force someone to apologize – someone who would not do it on my own. Fun for me. “

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio defended his friend in an interview at the time, but the Michigan native was disappointed that the network did not do the same. “It simply came to our notice then. MTV, that’s how you should have it, ”he said in the Instagram video. “You clearly do not. It’s really heartbreaking and it’s sad.… Knowing that a network that at this point, like I’ve given at least seven or eight years to, everything, you’re basically just recording it. You’re not doing anything to help me. Nothing. “

Garrett claimed that MTV “rewarded [Nakagawa] for being racist and violent “by allowing her to end the season, which she eventually won. He also claimed he was asked if he would talk to a therapist after the incident.

“I do not want to see a damn therapist. I want you to do something,” he remembered thinking at the time. “I want you to stand up for me – the same person you call every one. season and I come regularly, I want you to do something for me. Why are you not doing anything? I do not understand it. The fear I had to say no. … It’s not a company that loves you. ”

Garrett – who withdrew from the franchise after continuing to compete Double agents earlier this year – ended the video by challenging MTV to act. “I’m more than open to having a conversation with you about how we can make change happen,” he said. “The ball is in your court. All eyes are on you.”

Nakagawa, for her part, apologized for her previous comments and revealed in a Tuesday, November 16, Instagram Live that she has taken “anti-racism courses.”

“I do not want forgiveness, I am not the victim. What I did was wrong. It is wrong,” she admitted. “I want to know what I can do. I do not tolerate racism, and I do not tolerate what I did. … From the bottom of my heart, I know Leroy does not care about me, and that’s fine. That’s his right. I would probably also not care about anyone doing that to me. But I have always had a special place for him in my heart. I have always loved him so much and I do not even understand why I did as I did. If remorse could kill, I would definitely be dead. ”

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