Naruto’s new final form Baryon mode explained

Naruto’s unique Nine-Tails shape is fully revealed by the Boruto sequel series. But what is Baryon mode? And what exciting forces does it bring?

Here is everything that is known so far about Naruto‘s Baryon Mode, which is a unique transformation available to Kurama, one of the nine-tailed beasts, with his jinchÅ«riki. During his ninja career, Naruto Uzumaki has unlocked a host of different shapes and transformations, such as the Demon Fox Cloak Form under the Sasuke Recovery Mission arch and the Asura Kurama form, which he was able to take on Sasuke. The Toad-inspired Sage Mode, jinchuriki Nine-Tails Mode and “I finally became friends with my inner demon“Kurama Mode is the three most common transformations in Naruto’s arsenal. While new power-ups are a staple of many action-anime and manga franchises, most fans would have assumed that Naruto peaked when the spotlight turned on his son of the same name. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series.


However, Boruto recently revealed that the Seventh Hokage had not yet reached its final form. Pushed to the extreme by the emergence of a new villain, Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto was beaten solidly in his standard Kurama Mode, even with the assistance of Sasuke Uchiha. When all seemed to be lost, Kurama revealed that an unprecedented ace Naruto could still call on, albeit at the expense of his life, while explaining its innate differences from the Vise and Kurama states. While Chapter 51 of Boruto only gave a tempting insight into Naruto’s new state, Chapter 52 lifted the lid fully on this unexpected transformation, which is also fraught with great dangers and life-threatening risks.

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Naruto’s new form is officially called Baryon Mode. According to Kurama, it involves smashing Naruto’s chakra and Nine-Tails’ chakra together in a way similar to nuclear fusion, creating entirely new energy. Kurama explains the transformation to the sun’s nuclear fusion process, and explains that the new form uses the nuclei of the existing forms to manifest a potent energy reaction. The baryon title is derived from a type of scientific particle. While the real-world Baryon will not turn you into a demonic killer, the name at least alludes to the nuclear nature of Naruto’s recent upgrade. As revealed by the front of the number, Naruto’s usual orange-yellow glow has now been replaced by the bold red color of Kurama’s fur, which forms a slender coat around him with tails protruding from his back. Naruto’s face and hair assume features from the nine tails, and a Uzumaki logo with Kurama’s tails spinning from shapes on the chest that represent their fusion. It is also known that Naruto’s whiskers become thicker and the pigments around his eyes turn black and extend upwards, mimicking temporary fox ears.

Naruto final form Baryon

In terms of power, Baryon Mode is far beyond any of Naruto’s other transformations. Where Hokagen fights to land a decent attack in Kurama mode, he effortlessly avoids Isshiki’s attack in Baryon mode and was able to knock down the Otsutsuki villain with a well-placed elbow. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Baryon Mode is the toxic effect each blow inflicts on an opponent while accelerating speed, dexterity and overall strength. With each attack that Naruto made, Isshiki Otsutsuki’s life was gradually cut off, somewhat related to radiation poisoning, suggesting that the transformation could drain the opponent’s lifetime during combat. As Kurama describes it, just hitting the target is enough to claim the victory while fighting in Baryon mode. Unfortunately, this power comes with a major drawback. Naruto’s earlier forms involved the fusion of the chakra with the Kurama and then the melting when the battle ended. In Baryon Mode, the chakra for both Naruto and Kurama is used up and cannot be refilled – therefore the form will reportedly end in death.

While Baryon Mode is clearly ahead of Naruto’s other states, it’s hard to say if this is his most powerful form in the entire series’ history. Baryon Naruto is dominant against Isshiki, but Otsutsuki is not currently fighting with his full force. Sage of Six Paths Naruto was competitive against Kaguya Otsutsuki, but demanded help from his allies, Sasuke and Sakura. As things stand, Naruto’s Sage of Six Paths Mode seems to be stronger than Baryon’s, but according to recent events, Naruto does not die from using Baryon Mode, as the transformation instead lives on Kurama’s chakra. While this is a relief, it’s clear that the disadvantages of the Baryon Mode War outweigh its many advantages and is intended for Naruto to be used as a last resort instead of a consistent, recurring transformation, making it a powerful, but limited function. in Naruto mythology.

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