‘Tiger King 2’ is not great

The project adds relatively little to the story and skips it all, and it’s mostly defined by how self-referential it is, with almost every path leading back to the impact of the original documentary series that was, let’s see. in the eyes, 19 months ago.

If you’ve feeling nostalgic for the early days of the pandemic for some reason or eager to see what Joe Exotic (as well as several lawyers) are up to, then the season with five episodes of “Tiger King 2” is now streaming on Netflix.

The documentary series continues where the first season left off, with Joseph Maldonado-Passage serving a 22-year prison sentence for violating the Endangered Species Act and an attempted murder-for-rent against rival big cat reserve owner Carole Baskin.

Baskin and her current husband, Howard, have said they felt betrayed by their portrayal in the first season of the show and refused to attend the second. The series reviews the disappearance of Baskin’s first husband, Don Lewis, but does not shed new light.

The rest of the recurring cast of colorful characters seem to enjoy the infamous “Tiger King” has brought them.

Carole Baskin is in a 'Cage Fight' post 'Tiger King'

The timing of “Tiger Kings” first release in March 2020, in retrospect, could not have been better. The timing now feels like a bit of a snooze. Assuming it counts as the concept’s second life, let’s hope no one plans seven more.


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