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(CBS) – Who missed yesterday’s episode of Survivor 41? Two people got their torches off this week, and here’s how it all went:


The tribal council got pretty messy last week. When Heather caused a fight at the last minute, she seems to be close to the bottom now. Not only did Deshawn confront her with it, but so did Naseer. Naseer was especially unhappy with her stunt when she initially threw his name under the bus. When he asked her why she voted for him, Heather was confused and told how she never ended up writing his name down. Naseer, however, did not believe her when she aimed at him in the first place. But little do they both know, it was Xander who voted for Naseer. Behind the scenes, Xander explains how the excitement of the chaos will only help his game in the long run … and it certainly seems to work.

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More chaos spread among the dominant alliance of Deshawn, Shan, Liana, Danny, Naseer and Ricard. Deshawn has not been the happiest with Shan lately and feels like she has run the show. He says she is not listening to him and that causes a great deal of drama between the two. But at sunrise, they made up so much that they were all ready to plan their next move. That was when Shan openly isolated Xander and Erika when she wanted to plan strategies with her alliance:

This core alliance is taking over – and the people at the bottom are eager to make a change.

Individual immunity challenge

Immunity is ready again! But first there is a twist! This time, the shipwrecked had to split randomly into two groups, yellow and blue. These two groups must then compete against their individual group, and declare one person from each team safe from the Tribal Council. This means that two people will be safe, and there will be two tribal councils – which means that two people will also be voted out.

In addition, the first, last person left will win a beef and chicken stew for their team. There was a lot at stake! The shipwrecked all began their challenge where they had to balance on a narrow perch with their hands in the handle behind their heads. If you drop or drop your hand, you’re out. The last person to stand on both the yellow and the blue team wins each individual immunity!

Yellow team: Erika, Shan, Ricard, Naseer and Heather

Blue teams: Evvie, Xander, Deshawn, Liana and Danny

In the end, underdog Erika won the individual immunity on the yellow team, but it was blue that won the pot. Over 30 minutes into the challenge, it was between Deshawn and Xander to win the second Immunity – and another underdog, Xander, won! One could feel that he absolutely needed this victory!

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Both Erika and Xander were thrilled when they both said they dreamed that this moment would serve their Survivor Immunities.

Before returning to camp, these two groups were to remain divided. The blue team set off to enjoy their reward (courtesy of Xander, who surprised Erika), and the yellow team had to head to the previous Ua camp for the rest of the day.

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Tribal Council 1 – Yellow team

Now away from the rest of their tribe, Naseer, Erika, Heather, Shan and Ricard had to decide which of them they would vote for in their tribal council. Since Heather and Erika are not in the big alliance, it is clear that they are at the bottom. But since Erika has immunity, all signs point to Heather.

Naseer, who still holds an idol, feels convinced that it will not be him. In fact, so confident that he even apologizes to Heather in advance. Erika and Heather desperately try to come up with a plan for Heather to survive the vote. That was when Ricard took the chance into his own hands. Then he secretly tells Erika and Heather where “no insult” but Heather is not a big threat and how it makes no sense to vote her out yet. Tough but honest. He knows that Naseer, who has played quite strategically and has an idol, will be a much bigger threat in the game later. He agrees to vote for Naseer, as long as everyone behaves as if Heather is the next to go – that way Naseer does not play his idol for himself.

But first, before completing this blind page, Ricard needs to update his number 1, Shan, on this plan. At first, she’s pretty hesitant because not only does she not trust Heather, but she will use Naseer to help her move forward in her own game. To perform this move without problems, if Naseer plays his idol, they both agree that it might be time to use their extra voice. Remember, Shan and Ricard used this extra voice advantage earlier in the game … you know, when they stole it and blinded JD.

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Eventually Ricard got what he wanted and another epic blindside struck! The group definitely had some amazing poker faces behaving as if Heather was the next one out. After using the extra vote in secret, it was a 3: 3 draw – Heather and Naseer. The second round of voting was unanimous, and Naseer was the next person out – even with an idol in his pocket!

Tribal Advice 2 – Blue Hold

Uncertainty was the trend among this group – or was it? Xander, who is in favor of the vote, stood in the middle of all the rubbish. Danny, Liana and Deshawn are still pretty sure they would vote Evvie out next. Deshawn, however, built a solid relationship with Evvie, and now he is considering whether to work with her and Xander instead. It could be a brave move to vote Danny or Liana out, but he also knows it could have some significant consequences. Liana, acknowledging that Xander could always use her idol for Evvie, was even nervous.

It was clear between either Evvie or Liana. After all this uncertainty, they went to the Tribal Council, where they were hit by a harsh reality – Naseer sat on the jury. When Jeff Probst asked them how they were doing, all the shipwrecked said they were “pretty comfortable” with how things will be, besides Danny. Danny acknowledged that there is no security in this game, especially since Naseer had an idol – but now sits on the jury. Maybe his recognition of Naseer made them all play it safe – because that was exactly what happened. There were no switch-ups or blindsides among this group. Plus, Xander did not even use his idol for Evvie – which may haunt him later in the game. Evvie was the next person to be voted out, making her the third person on the jury this season.

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Naseer and Evvie had the best positions after being voted out. They were both just so grateful that they at least got the game Survivor. I love to see it! What did you think of the double stem in this week’s episode? Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let’s chat!

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