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Warning: Contains spoilers for Yellowjackets episode 1.

In the first section of Yellowjackets the audience is introduced to many teen football players and it can be difficult to keep track of who the different characters are and whether they are alive or dead in the future. Yellowjackets is set to become a thriller full of intrigue, where following the mystery is primarily the purpose of the show. But the huge initial cast and the time jumps over a span of 25 years can complicate things.

Yellowjackets opens in 1996 when a high school football team from New Jersey discovers they are heading to the National Championships in Seattle. After establishing the drama between the various teenagers, the Yellowjackets’ plane crashes into the desert, and the survivors struggle to stay alive while waiting 19 months for rescue, forming cannibalistic tribes to do so. Yellowjackets simultaneously shows the tales of four of the survivors who lived in 2021, as their secrets risk being revealed on the 25th.th the anniversary of the tragic event.


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While the full Yellowjackets team has 18 players, not all of them are named or given any lines in Yellowjackets episode 1. Although this complicates keeping track of the entire team, it can be difficult to remember which of the main players are. Here is a complete guide to each of the football players on the Yellowjackets including their personality, their role in the group. Also included are predictions about whether they are alive in 2021 – which is a somewhat complicated matter, as it is clear that more than the key four are still alive based on the talks in 2021, but none of the other adults actors have been announced.

Ella Purnell as Jackie

Yellowjackets Jackie Ella Purnell

Jackie, played by Ella Purnell, is the team captain of the Yellowjackets. While she struggles at times, she works to keep the team in line and can be a assertive leader when the time comes. She is best friends with Shauna and dates Jeff Sadecki (Jack DePew). It has not been shown that she is alive in 2021, and the opening scene shows that a person wearing her necklace is being killed by the tribe. While giving this necklace to Shauna Yellowjackets episode 1, it’s likely to be returned to Jackie at some point when Shauna is still alive in 2021.

Sophie Nélisse as Shauna

Yellowjackets Shauna 1996 Sophie Nélisse

Shauna, played by Sophie Nélisse in 1996, is Jackie’s best friend and they plan to stay together in college. Even before the plane crash, several things stood in the way of it. Shortly before she leaves to board the plane, Shauna is seen reading a letter of admission to another university (Brown), and she has had several secret relationships, where she has slept with Jackie’s boyfriend, Jeff. While they wait for takeoff, Jackie Shauna gives her heart-shaped necklace as a full blanket and some valium to help her sleep. Shauna is still alive in 2021 and is played by Melanie Lynskey, she is now married to Jeff (played by Warren Kole in 2021).

Jasmin Savoy Brown as Taissa

Yellowjackets Taissa 1996 Jasmin Savoy Brown

Taissa is played by Jasmin Savoy Brown in 1996. Taissa is a natural leader and goes behind Jackie’s back as team captain to gather the team around her own ideas. After deciding that Allie, the newcomer to the team, is a weak link in their team, she asks the rest of the team to freeze her out and not give her the ball. When the team refuses, she plays aggressively around Allie, claiming that she is forcing her to shape up, but in the end, she tackles her and breaks her leg, even though she denies it is on purpose. Taissa is one of the Yellowjackets who survives the desert and in 2021 (played by Tawny Cypress) expresses her leadership in new ways as she runs for the New Jersey State Senate.

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Sophie Thatcher as Natalie

Yellowjackets Natalie 1996 Sophie Thatcher

Sophie Thatcher plays the 1996 remake of Natalie. She is referred to as a burnout by some, but is an active part of the Yellowjackets lineup and refuses to participate in Taissa’s plan to freeze Allie out, saying they should play as a team to win instead. She is seen using both alcohol and drugs for recreational purposes, including taking LSD to the party in the woods. This is possibly a form of coping mechanism for her home life, as it is shown that she lives in a trailer and her parents do not appear under Yellowjackets episode 1. Natalie is still alive in the future (played by Juliette Lewis) and is seen leaving rehab before returning to New Jersey to catch up with Misty.

Samantha Hanratty as Misty

Yellowjackets Misty 1996 Samantha Hanratty

Misty, played by Samantha Hanratty, is Yellowjacket’s equipment manager. She is especially eager in her role and seems star-studded by the rest of the team, singing for the team mascot so enthusiastically that even the coach and assistant coach give her a little side glance. As equipment manager, she is both part of the team that goes on the plane, but also an outsider to the main group that seems not to be invited to the party in the woods. She also demonstrates some sociopathic tendencies as she is shown standing and watching a helpless animal drown in her pool. She is revealed as the leader of the cannibal tribe in the desert and survives the events of 1996 to be represented in 2021 by Christina Ricci as she works at a nursing home and continues to show elements of cruelty.

Pearl Amanda Dickson as Allie

Yellowjackets Allie

Pearl Amanda Dickson plays Allie. She is the youngest member of the team and is looked down upon by the others. She is whining and justified, disappointed to miss her invitation to the ball because the Yellowjackets are going to the national competition, and does not seem to take into account the feelings of others as she makes a scathing remark to Van and does not appear. to realize it was out of the queue. Because Taissa breaks her leg, she misses the trip and eventually survives. She appears live in 2021 (played by Tonya Cornelisse) and reflects on how she barely escaped being part of the plane crash.

Liv Hewson as Vanessa

Yellowjackets From Vanessa Liv Hewson

Liv Hewson plays Vanessa, commonly referred to as Van. Van is Yellowjacket’s goalkeeper and is cheerful and quick to joke. They make jokes about Lottie’s father as the team boardes the private jet, and for the party, they try to spread the fight between Shauna and Taissa before Jackie enters. Even when Jackie calls the Yellowjackets away for a chat, they spend a moment getting some extra beer off the barrel. Van apparently has to wake their mother from a nap on the couch to get a ride on the plane and seems to have very little in the way of parental boundaries. While surviving the plane crash, it is unclear if Van may be one of the team members still alive in the future, as there has been no evidence in any way.

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Courtney Eaton as Lottie

Yellowjackets Lottie

Lottie is played by Courtney Eaton. Lottie is relatively conflict-averse and does not want to weight the plan to freeze Allie out and just looks from the sidelines when Shauna and Taissa start fighting for the party. Lottie is shown Loxipene by a maid. Loxipen is an antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia, which is likely to become relevant later in the series. Her father is referred to as being rather absent and parents with his huge amount of money, as presented by his decision to rent a private jet to the Yellowjackets. Like Van, she survives the plane crash, but it is unclear if she is still alive in 2021.

Jane Widdop as Laura Lee

Yellowjackets Laura Lee

Laura Lee is played by Jane Widdop. Laura Lee is defined in the show by her faith. She insists on a group prayer before the training game, when she compliments the other team members, she only refers to them being “beautiful in the eyes of our Lord”And is seen praying alone at home before boarding the plane. Her faith may be shaken by the plane crash, but may as well lead her to assume that they will be protected by god in the long run. IN Yellowjackets episode 1 it is not clear if she is alive in 2021.

Keeya King as Akilah

Yellowjackets Akilah

Akilah, played by Keeya King, is only present in a few scenes before the plane crash. The other Yellowjackets and Ben Scott, the assistant coach, refer to her as JV, meaning Junior Varsity, suggesting a recent promotion to the Varsity team. As she sits on the plan, Mari teases her that as a “new blood”And Akilah seems uncomfortable and unsure of what to do until Mari assures her that she is having fun. There is no evidence to suggest whether Akila comes out of the desert alive or not.

Alexa Barajas as Mari

Yellowjackets Mari

Alexa Barajas plays Mari. Like Akilah, she is largely seen only in the background until the last scene on the plane. She is a bit of a joke messing with Akilah, but ultimately a sweet person and offers Akilah snacks afterwards. Again, it is unclear whether she is alive or dead in 2021.

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Other Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets Cast

Mya Lowe and Princess Davis both play Yellowjackets in the plane crash, but appear only in the background of shots and have no lines of speech. Nothing is known about their personalities or whether they will be alive in 2021, but the fact that they are simply credited as Yellowjacket # 1 and Yellowjacket # 2 does not look promising for their fate in the plane crash at the end of Yellowjackets episode 1.

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