Marvel’s Avengers Still Do Not Trust Shang-Chi (But Spider-Man Does)

The Avengers may not trust Shang-Chi after learning that his brother stole the Cosmic Cube, but Spider-Man still does and tells his hero.

Warning! Spoilers for Shang-Chi # 6 by Marvel Comics

Spider Man is not ready to give up Shang-Chi, even though the Avengers do not fully trust him. IN Shang-Chi # 6, The Avengers just went to war with the leader of the Five Weapons Society after believing he stole the Cosmic Cube. Shang-Chi, however, was innocent when his brother took the dice from the super team. In the end, the Avengers were not sure if they could trust the hero, but Spider-Man sees things differently.

Shang-Chi has become the leader of the Five Weapons Society in its ongoing series on Marvel Comics and has surrounded himself with family. But after a meeting with Captain America and Cosmic Cube, Brother Saber (Shang-Chi’s brother) took the powerful artifact for himself, which planted a seed of distrust of the Avengers. The super team believed that Shang-Chi himself stole the cosmic cube – and that the reformed Five Weapons Society might not be a new good force, as the hero promised. In fact, Shang-Chi had no idea that Brother Saber stole the cosmic cube, which led the Avengers to come to Shang-Chi’s home to retrieve it.


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IN Shang-Chi # 6 by Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan, Triona Farrell and VC’s Travis Lanham, Avengers throw everything they have against Shang-Chi in an epic battle between the heroes and Five Weapons Society’s greatest warriors. After the Avengers are surrounded, Thor arrives and launches a powerful attack. Shang-Chi becomes his own god of thunder after Brother Saber gives him the Ten-Fist sword, transforms him, and effectively gives him his own version of Mjolnir. However, Shang-Chi quickly realizes that the power upgrade is a product of the Cosmic Cube and realizes that Brother Saber stole it from the Avengers. After handing over his brother, Spider-Man tells Shang-Chi that he did the right thing and that “I always knew we could trust you.”

Shang-Chi Marvel Comics Spider-Man

Shang-Chi tells Spider-Man that he’s not sure if the Avengers can trust him, and the web-slinger tells him, “… they’re coming around, I’m sure.” Back on the Avengers ship, Mr. asks. Fantastic Iron Man, “how do we know he did not just give up his brother to cover up?” to which Iron Man replies, “we do not.” It is clear that the Avengers are still on guard against Shang-Chi.

In the end, the Avengers are not sure of Shang-Chi’s actual role behind the theft of the Cosmic Cube. They still have questions about what he knew and it does not look like they will forgive and forget anything soon. However, Spider Man turns out to be much more confident as he calms down Shang-Chi that the Avengers will eventually get around and that he knows the heroes can trust him. Time will tell if that is true. Shang-Chi # 6 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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