MCU Heroes, ranked with the least to most probability of winning squid games

Netflix’s international hit Play squid had participants playing pediatrician with fatal consequences. The captivating series had many fans wondering how they would fare in the games, but it’s even more fun to imagine which of Marvel’s iconic heroes would go the furthest.

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Although there are plenty of powerful heroes in the MCU, it takes far more than just strength to win Play squid. Some heroes do not have the right temperament or skills to succeed, while others would be hard to beat in these dangerous games.

10 Star-Lord

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord is one of the funniest heroes in MCU, but he’s not exactly one you can count on staying focused. Avengers: Infinity War proved that he is ruthless and short-sighted when he messed up the plans to defeat Thanos.

Although Quill would come to the fights with a lot of confidence, his tendency to act before he thinks would get him in trouble early. Honestly, it’s unlikely Quill would make it from the first round alive.

9 Ant man

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in Ant-Man

Scott Lang aka Ant-Man is another hero whose sense of humor is probably his greatest strength. One of the most charming things about Scott is that he’s a nice guy who’s sucked into the world of superheroes and does not really know how to handle it.

While his shrinking abilities may be useful for some of the games like “Red Light, Green Light”, Scott would probably not be able to keep a cool head. It’s easy to see him as one of those players who panics and loses very early.


8 Large

It’s not surprising that Baby Groot would not last too long in the games, but it’s unlikely that the adult Groot would get much further. It is true that Groot has considerable strength on his side and would probably be able to succeed in games where it is an asset.

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The sad reality, however, is that Groot is not the smartest creature in the galaxy. When it comes to strategy and finesse in the games, Groot would be hopeless. The gentle giant would probably also be appalled by the whole concept.

7 Hulk

Like Groot, the Hulk would find some success with the strength-based games. Any team that had the Hulk for tug of war would look for a sure win. But he is also a person who does not like strategy.

Other than that, the Hulk’s anger would be a responsibility in many of the games. It’s hard to see him having the patience to cut shapes out of sponge cakes, as seen in it Play squid. While the Hulk may lose such games, of course, it can be difficult to take him out of the games.

6 Thor

avengers playoffs thor love and thunder

Once again, Thor is proof that power can only get someone so far in Play squid and his ruthless attitude would be his downfall. From Hela to Thanos to the various monsters Thor encounters, his first instinct is always to smash them with his hammer, and that would not do much good here.

Thor is also arrogant enough to think he will win and rush into the games without understanding the threat. In the end, the mighty hammer and all the big muscles would turn out to be pretty useless to the God of Thunder.

5 Captain America

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers Captain America in Avengers

Steve Rogers aka Captain America has a lot of qualities that would be valuable in these games. He is a strong soldier with lots of discipline who is also a pretty solid strategist. It’s easy to see him take on a team leadership role and help others survive.

But at a certain point in the matches, playing on a team no longer works. Steve Rogers is a selfless man and could never bring himself to be as ruthless as necessary to survive. When he reached the game with bullets, he would probably sacrifice himself to save someone else.

4 Iron Man

There are very few situations that Iron Man aka Tony Stark can not think of. IN Iron Man 3, he proved that even without his armor he was still just as impressive. He would approach each of the games with an analytical mind to determine the smartest move.

Stark, however, has a rebellious attitude and is not one who could play by the rules for long. He would probably look for loopholes or ways to outsmart the gamemasters, which would cost him.

3 Nick Fury

Although he has no superpowers, Nick Fury is one who would probably excel Play squid. He is a person who operates in the shadows, makes movements that others are not even aware of, and assesses any situation for any potential threats.

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He is a pragmatic and strategic operator who would have a very intelligent approach to each of the games. And even without power, Fury can handle himself as well as just about any hero in dangerous situations.

2 Black Panther

T'Challa stands in his suit without the mask and burns behind him

T’Challa aka Black Panther has many of the same qualities that make Captain America a hero. He is strong, noble and intelligent. All these aspects of his personality would serve him well, but he also has some other qualities that Cap does not possess.

While T’Challa fights alongside the Avengers, he is also comfortable operating on his own. He is calculating and reserved, only letting others know what he wants them to know. If one fights for the right cause, T’Challa would be a formidable opponent in these games.

1 Black widow

black widow marvel movie

Out of Avengers, Black Widow can be overlooked in terms of power. She is the superspy of still just an ordinary powerless human being. But the fact that she could stand side by side with gods and super soldiers proves that these games would be a walk in the park for her.

She is strong, agile and a fighter for the games that require it, but her abilities as a spy are the reason she wanted to win. She is cunning and can play with other people, which is useful later in the games.

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