Meghan Markle drinks milk from the feeding bottle in ‘Ellen’ nonsense

She’s not too cool to behave like a fool.

Meghan Markle leveraged her comedic acting skills during a comedy segment on “The Ellen Show” Thursday.

The Duchess of Sussex, 40, was instructed by host Ellen DeGeneres to perform in a number of bizarre ways while visiting “unsuspecting” vendors at Warner Bros.

Markle first approached a saleswoman selling crystals, shouting “good energy” as she touched the stones.

“I have healing powers,” joked the former “Suit” star. “Can you feel my strength?”

She then picked up one of the larger crystals on the table, held it up to her head, and began to sing and hum loudly, according to DeGeneres’ instructions.

Markle went on to the other salesman, who was selling hot sauces, and said to him, “Let mom taste a little.”

Meghan Markle on "The Ellen show."
Markle pranked three vendors on “The Ellen Show.”

DeGeneres, 63, suggested via earphone that Markle ask for “something really hot” by telling the seller, “Mom wants some warmth.”

Among the other “fun” pieces in the clip: Markle ate the chips like a chipmunk and followed up on a spicy hot sauce by saying “Mom needs milk” and buzzing from a feeding bottle she pulled out of her purse.

Perhaps more impressive than Markle’s dedication to the routine was the seller of the hot sauce, who remained untouched by watching the Duchess drink out of the bottle.

Apparently running out of ideas, DeGeneres recycled the chipmunk bit to the third vendor selling cookies.

Meghan Markle on "The Ellen show."
An insider told us that the royal “showed a completely different side of himself.”

Markle ended the joke by putting on cat ears and singing, “I’m a kitten. Meow, meow, meow.”

In addition to making her mark on the world of street comedy, the royal sat down for an interview with DeGeneres and revealed how she and her husband Prince Harry, 37, once went incognito to a Halloween party thanks to their costumes and opened up about her early days as a upcoming actress.

An insider on the show told Page Six Wednesday exclusively that Markle “was incredibly relaxed and funny and showed a whole different side of herself,” adding that “the audience laughed a lot” and “did not know she was [a] guest until she went out and they went wild. “


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