Prince Charles says the queen is “okay”

Last week, Prince Charles completed for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, at the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph ceremony, after the palace announced that the queen had sprained her back and had to cancel her performance. On Tuesday, the prince and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, set off on a four-day trip to Jordan and Egypt, the first royal trip since the pandemic earth’s came to a standstill. While in Egypt, Charles spoke to Sky News about the experiences of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, but he also provided an update on the Queen’s health.

“She’s okay, thank you very much,” said the prince, who recently celebrated his 73rd birthday. “When you reach 95, it is not quite as easy as it used to be. It’s bad enough at 73. “

Although there have been no more official words about the Queen’s condition since Sunday’s cancellation, she has continued to perform light duties at Windsor Castle, including her usual meeting with the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson. On Wednesday, the palace published a photograph of a meeting she took with General Nick Carter of the British Armed Forces in the Castle’s Egerum.

Charles also appeared on behalf of his mother at the COP26 summit, which ended last week, although the Queen contributed a video address to the opening ceremony. In his comments to Sky News, he commented on the feeling of urgency at the summit. “Always the difficulty I think in these exercises is how to translate commitments into real action around. So often it has been a problem in the past,” he said. “But this time the problem is that we can not keep going. tude more because the urgency, as I tried to say, is so great. “

He also explained that climate change was the purpose of his trip to the Middle East. “It is water, food and energy that are the critical areas here, as they are in many areas. But what investors like is the size, he says. “So what we’re trying to do is look at how to create the regional scale. See more countries together, which provides real opportunities for the big investments. But not just in technology, but in nature-based solutions. And there are a lot of very ingenious ideas now that could be put into practice. ”

The trip to Jordan was also an opportunity for a royal reunion. Charles and Camilla met with the nation King Abdullah II and Queen Rania for a formal welcome at Al Husseiniya Palace in Amman, and later Camilla climbed into the passenger seat of Rania’s Tesla for an event at a children’s center.

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