Restaurants can just get better out of the pandemic than before. Here’s why

In March 2020, Corey Mintz was interviewing a restaurant owner for his next book on how diners can support restaurants with good work practices. His the topic did not appear. Like others, she was in a panic when cities everywhere suddenly closed down due to COVID-19.

Mintz, a freelance food work journalist and former columnist in the Star Dining Room, shifted focus to his book he used the pandemic to illustrate how unstable the restaurant industry has always been.

In his second book, “The next supper: The end of restaurants as we knew them and what comes after($ 35, Public Affairs), Mintz interviews dozens of restaurant workers, labor activists, and researchers to show that the end of how restaurants currently exist (stagnant wages, few workers’ protections, monopolies in delivery apps) might not be a bad thing.

“Despite the rhetoric that was launched in the news that no one wants to work anymore … people see through these bulls – and the public is aware that it’s because it’s not good jobs,” Mintz said. “We’ve seen food sections shift from making recipes and lists to having to talk about people who are out of work and how their jobs are.”

The book highlights various restaurant business models – and their benefits and challenges – such as fast food restaurants, immigrant-owned places in the suburbs, restaurants with famous chefs and the increasingly popular ghost kitchens. Each chapter ends with a little hope: advice on how to be a more ethical diner and a spotlight on those in the industry pushing for a better new normal.

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