Seth Meyers finds ‘stupidest’ GOP defense by rep. Paul Gosar’s murder anime

In Thursday’s episode of “Late Night,” host Meyers noted how when President Joe Biden signed the two-party infrastructure bill this week, Republicans were busy defending Gosar for broadcasting the Mordanime. Gosar refused to apologize for sharing the clip and was formally censored by the House and deprived of his committee duties.

“To Republicans who complain that this is a waste of time, it would all have been a lot easier and taken up a lot less time if you had just been willing to step forward and say it was a deeply stupid tweet,” said Meyers. “But to be fair, he’s a deeply stupid man.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) “offered perhaps the dumbest defense,” Meyers said, because he said he could not find the violence in the video while freezing-framing it.

“Our political system can not work where one party, despite all its many flaws, is trying to govern responsibly and the other wants to burn everything down,” Meyers said.

See Meyers’ monologue here:


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