Speaker Pelosi avoids the issue of retirement again

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday declined to say whether she plans to run for re-election or whether she will announce her plans for the possible final adoption of President Biden’s trillion-dollar spending package.

“I’m not here to talk about myself, I’m here to talk about ‘Building Back Better,'” Mrs Pelosi, 81, told The Washington Times at a news conference immediately after the House passage by Mr. The social welfare of the bite. bill.

The fate of the legislation is still in doubt as the bill goes to an equally divided Senate. However, there are still questions as to whether Mrs Pelosi, California’s Democrat, will retire after serving in Parliament since 1987.

Mrs. Pelosi was previously asked about her future plans last month by Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union,” to which she replied, “Oh, do you think I’m coming with a message right here and now?”

She later added, “Why should I tell you that now … I would probably have that conversation with my family first if you do not mind.”

However, the campaign arm of the Republican Republicans is convinced of their party’s chances of taking back the speaker’s hammer after the mid-term period of 2022. The GOP points to recent retirements of key Democratic lawmakers as reps. Jackie Speier from California and John Yarmouth from Kentucky as a sign that Mrs. Pelosi is also coming out soon.

“There is no good news for the House Democrats and their historically thin majority. No wonder President Pelosi appears to be planning his retirement,” National Republican Congress committee spokesman Mike Berg said in a statement.

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