The main characters in the head of the class revival, ranked by intelligence

Restart of sitcom from the 80s Class leader is a unique show as all the main characters are ingenious perfectionists who want good grades and think learning is fun. Almost everyone, from students to teachers and parents, has a lesson to learn about enjoying life and forgetting work for a little while. The new debate teacher Alicia Gomez has certainly mastered that, but she still has some things she can get better at.

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Whether comparing Alicia’s debate team students or the English teacher who is very much in love with her, the main characters in Class leader are all intelligent in their own way, and some stand out as being more ingenious than others.

10 Sarah Maris

Sarah speaks in Head Of The Class

When comparing the most likeable Class leader characters, Sarah takes a while to show people her true self, and she also uses sarcasm in so many scenes that she does not seem quite as smart as some of her fellow students.

While Sarah is a master debater and can convince anyone of anything, she sometimes struggles with her emotions and gets embarrassed and upset when Elliot reads her windy aloud. Sarah does well in school, but she sometimes thinks it’s a better idea to make jokes than to share her true thoughts.

9 Darlene

The co-chair of the Parents’ Association and Terrell’s mother was a clever student when she was on the original Class leader series, and now she is an intelligent parent who wants nothing but the absolute best for her child.

Unfortunately, Darlene sometimes gets too strong, and Terrell does his best not to feel like he’s in such a pressure cooker all the time. Darlene is certainly smart, but all the parents at this school are too harsh on their children, which is why Principal Maris is so stressed all the time.


8 Principal Maris

Shared photo of Principal Marris looks serious at Head of The Class

Principal Maris does not miss a beat, and she seems much more attuned to her students than many film or TV show directors. She explains to Alicia that if she does not do a good job, the parents will complain and it will make their both lives incredibly difficult.

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Principal Maris is not the warmest or friendliest person, and it seems that she is struggling to get along with her daughter Sarah, which makes her seem less intelligent than some of the other characters. Fans wish she would realize that creating a better relationship is the most important thing.

7 Luke Burrows

Luke looks surprised and keeps candy in Head Of The Class

Luke is among the funniest characters in teens, though he does not often realize he is funny.

Luke is the kind of person who is book smart but does not have emotional intelligence. While he passes rehearsals and loves debate, and he dreams of holding a political office one day, he disturbs his friends by focusing so much on himself instead of just wanting to have fun with them. Luke’s friends love him and know he has a good heart, but they certainly find him frustrating at times.

6 Terrell Hayward

Robyn and Terrell smile in the library together at Head Of The Class

Terrell is one of the most intelligent Class leader characters as he is not afraid to show his feelings and he takes risks and puts himself out there.

Although Terrell is confused about whether he invited Sarah to a group hang-out or one-on-one date, he goes on with confidence and shows Sarah that he really cares about her. The smartest and most memorable thing Terrell does in season 1 is drop the race for class treasurer because he has become too obsessed with beating Luke.

5 Miles Alvarez

Miles in the hallway looks at his cell phone in Head Of The Class

Miles is a sweet teenager who has great comebacks and funny moments, like when he says he’s a king, and then immediately bumps into a desk.

At the beginning of season 1, Miles wants to be cool and popular and cares about it more than any other thing in his life, like many high school students. As time goes on, he shows his maturity and intelligence as he becomes more comfortable with being completely himself and embracing all of his positive qualities.

4 Makayla Washington

Shared photo of Robyn and Makayla and Sarah and Makayla in Head Of The Class

Class leader is among the best reboots of sitcoms thanks to the related story lines and funny characters. Teenagers and adults learn homework, but the show is not overwhelmingly cheesy.

Makayla is another smart character who is starting to put his books away in favor of having a more social life. She is insightful enough to realize that even though being in charge of her schedule has helped her do well in school, there is certainly more to life than studying.

3 Robyn Rook

Robyn wearing a Nirvana tshirt at school In Head Of The Class

Robyn is a professional for games, schoolwork and debate, and she stands out as more intelligent than her friends and classmates as she seems like a mature old soul.

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As Robyn and Alicia chat and get to know each other better, Alicia sees a spirit in her student, and fans see Robyn as one who is determined to find success on her own terms. It seems that when Robyn grows up, she will stay true to herself and make sure she is happy. When she starts working with a manager in the “Beaks and Cheeks” section, she realizes that it’s too good to be true, and shows that she’s listening to her gut instincts.

2 Elliot Escalante

Elliot holds such on Head Of The Class

Because of amazing teachers like Elliot, Meadows Creek is a big TV high school fan would go to, and the passion that shows up while teaching English is memorable.

Elliot prefers real relationships over online dating, so he struggles to find a partner, and his first dates are super awkward and relatable. Elliot knows when to push someone to their full potential and when to retire, and he has a good grip on his field while being comfortable with his emotions.

1 Alicia gomez

Alicia looks serious and surprised with coffee in Head Of The Class

Although Alicia naively believes that teaching is a job that ends at. 15 at the beginning of the series, she eventually learns that she belongs to this school and that teaching is a calling, just as Elliot said.

If she asks her students “Have you ever heard of Brianiacs having a casual conversation?” or dancing around to DJ Khaled’s song “All I Do Is Win”, Alicia likes to work hard while helping others and having fun, and that makes her smarter than any other character on the reboot. She knows it’s possible to have it all.

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