Toronto Club cancels Andrew Schulz for telling ‘inappropriate jokes’

Dave Chappelle has some company in the Cancel Culture Wars.

Comedian Andrew Schulz, who used digital media to catapult his career, found out the hard way how the waking mob enforces stand-up.

The comic shared an update on his Toronto appearance, noting how Massey Hall abruptly canceled his shows after doing some Google research on his previous material. He used his Instagram account (1.3 million followers) and Twitter (288.1K followers) to elaborate on the story.

Schulz said his “Infamous Tour” is now coming to Meridian Hall in Toronto, but he was originally scheduled to perform at Massey Hall.

“We had the show locked in, and then Massey Hall beat me up a few weeks ago, and they said, ‘hey, we have to cancel your show … we beat you up and you tell inappropriate jokes, and we will no longer have inappropriate jokes on our stage. “

Schulz’s team shifted gears and secured the city’s Meridian Hall, a major venue, to a date in March 2022. At the time, the comic was worried he might not be able to fill it, as he did Massey Hall.virtue bomber christian toto

His fans shattered this doubt. The first show sold out in seven minutes, Schulz said. The second show? It sold out in an hour.

“It turns out the fine people in Toronto are enjoying some inappropriate jokes,” Schulz said.

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A quick look at Massey Hall’s website suggests that management adheres to a vigilant mindset. The hall “recognizes the indigenous peoples of the countries where these buildings now stand, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. We also recognize the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples who also shared these lands.”

Schulz quickly gained the support of Canadian-born cartoonist Ryan Long.

The “Boyscast” host and the viral video sensation said he is canceling his upcoming performance at Massey Hall in solidarity with Schulz.

The current cancellations mark a new front in the Cancel Culture wars.

Veteran comics like Marc Maron and Dan Aykroyd support awakened oppression. Others, like Adam Carolla, Chrissie Mayr, Tyler Fischer, Rob Schneider, and Ricky Gervais, persistently defend a comedian’s right to have his say.

Meanwhile, Chappelle’s ongoing struggle to tell jokes that are considered “transphobic” in select circles continues.

Matches with a lower profile indicate that the match has been going on for some time. Trump-friendly cartoonist Steve McGrew lost a lucrative annual concert in Las Vegas when club owner Brad Garrett said his political views were too extreme for him.

Schulz expanded its base last year with its Netflix comedy special, “Schulz Saves America.”

The native New Yorker is not your typical stand-up comedian. He is not a liberal, first of all. He finds the fun on both sides of the aisle, something obvious in his Netflix special. His podcast sounds like a variation of “The Howard Stern Show” around the 1990s.

His debut comedy album “5: 5: 1” hit No. 1 on the iTunes comedy album charts and # 19 across all genres three years ago.

Since then, he has appeared in HBO’s “Crashing”, Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete” series and movies as 2018’s “Halloween”.

Hollywood in Toto has contacted Massey Hall for a comment.

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