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The corona pandemic created a world-changing event that left a lot of people in danger in ways that far exceeded the virus itself. From jobs evaporating in the blue air and public transportation stalling, the world stood essentially still. In the case of law enforcement, their jobs simultaneously became more dangerous, yet exponentially more necessary. As violence spread as fast as the virus, director Jeff Knite had a story to tell.

His latest film That Covid killer stands out in the endless sea of ​​horror movies coming out these days. Not only for the simple fact that it was filmed during the lockdown, but also for the fact that experiences like this certainly happened in many places around the world at the height of the lockdown.

All of these factors together made it an easy choice at this year’s Shockfest Festival, where Knite received the Silver Bullet Award ahead of the December 10 screening. Superstar musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie took home the Shocker Award at the festival the year before. While the film goes to all major platforms just in time for a nightmare before Christmas, let’s take a closer look at all the bloody details in Covid killer.

Pandemic scout

Held in New York at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Covid killer follows incompetent detective Will Jordan and his rookie partner Martina Pippen in a race against time to stop a serial killer who exploits Governor Cuomo’s masked mandate. By wearing a generic covid mask to hide his identity, the killer wreaks havoc across the city, with Jordan and Pippen using everything they know to bring him to justice.

While The Covid killer was both written and directed by Jeff Knite, he also stars in the film alongside Paugh Shadow, Jorge Gautier, Tony Diaz and Johnny Careccia. The film was officially released in the US and Canada on November 2nd.

Like the music fan he is, director Jeff Knite has not let his film go without having top music that matches. The film features an original score by acclaimed composer Tasos Eliopoulos and a shocking soundtrack from upcoming indie artists Sinner Swing, Jay Doggs and The Big Bamboo. The editors of the film’s trailer clearly had the star-studded soundtrack in mind, as the tension rises to a climax that is rarely seen in film trailers today.

Before hell

One of the good things we learned about the film was that its festival prospects were almost zero due to the speed at which it was picked up by the distribution company Gravitas Ventures. New films are often shown at festivals before their release to woo distributors and get award nominations. However, Shockfest Festival director Jeffrey Macabre invited the film to be shown in all its bloody glory. It is now fast on the festival circuit.

As the pandemic becomes part of our daily lives, and the economic recovery allows us to look back on everything we have gone through, there is little doubt that stories such as The Covid killer will continue to creep up through the cracks in our lockdown memories. In the case of law enforcement, appalling pandemic-era missions like Jordan and Pippen are likely to offer even more nasty and heinous circumvention of lockdown protocols.

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