90 day fiancé: 10 Red Flags Cast members ignored

It’s true that some couples who starred in TLC’s hit series 90 days engaged managed to resist the ravages of time, but all too often the romantic flames ignited after an online sling erupted soon after reality set in.

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Long-distance partners in the show will often exaggerate and increase their wealth, life situations or appearance, while others will pretend devotion in the pursuit of material gain. The red flags raised by romantic partners are typically quite obvious, but for some reason, 90 days engaged stars are willing to overlook them to fulfill their fantasies or achieve their underlying goals.

10 Colt lived with his mother when he was 33 years old

Colt and Larissa pose together in TLC's 90 Day Fiancé.

While independence from one’s parents is not necessarily required in a relationship, the fact that Colt could never get out from under his mother’s thumb should have raised a big red flag for Larissa. In a way, it was a side effect of his apathetic approach to life, something Larissa was clearly never happy with.

Beyond that, Colt was far too eager to commit to Larissa and asked for her hand in marriage a few weeks after they met. The two seemed like they never even knew each other so well, and they were all too willing to overlook the obvious red flags that were hoisted.

9 Mark and Nikki’s age gap

Mark and Nikki from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé reality series.

There were plenty of issues with the relationship between 58-year-old Baltimore resident Mark Shoemaker and his 19-year-old fiancée Nikki; Mark was way too controlling, he seemed to be obsessed with his ex-wife, and most importantly, he was 39 years older than his future bride.

Creepily, Mark’s children were older than his fiancée, and he did strange things, such as buying her the same car model that his ex-wife drove, even though she did not know how to drive. Plus, Mark was directly dominant and regulated Nikki’s life to the ninth degree.

According to DailySoapDish, Mark and Nikki filed a lawsuit against TLC in 2017 as they believe their relationship has been portrayed unfairly. By 2021, they appear to be largely absent from the limelight.


8 Pedro and Chantel’s family feud

Pedro and Chantel on TLC's 90 Day Engagement Series.

It is not always fair to let a family’s assessment of a person tarnish a relationship, but when it came to Pedro and Chantel, the family’s influence could not be ignored. These two clans hated each other completely, and from a chicken-foot failure to a literal fist fight, it is safe to say that these families were just not destined to get together.

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However, the drama created an entire story, and Chantel’s family eventually got a spin-off series on TLC, which premiered in 2019. Although the health of the relationship is not known, Chantel and Pedro are reportedly still together.

7 Molly’s family could not stand Luis

Molly and Luis from 90 Day Fiance.

From the start, it was clear that Molly’s family did not care about her new boyfriend. Her eldest daughter was clearly unhappy with him when they first met, and he never made any attempt to correct the negative first impression.

Molly’s father suggested that his daughter purposefully ignored Luis’ red flag because she wanted a man in her life, and Luis caused irreparable harm when he asked Molly’s daughter about her sex life.

Although they tied the knot, the marriage did not last very long, and according to InTouchWeekly, Luis remarried only a few months after breaking up with Molly.

6 Jorge and Anfisa’s obsession with wealth

Jorge and Anfisa from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé reality series.

Jorge and Anfisa have gone down as one of the most toxic couples in 90 days engaged history. Neither of the two seemed to be genuine with each other, and the fact that they went through with their marriage despite their chaotic relationship came as a shock to many.

From the start, Anfisa made it clear that she was only interested in Jorge’s wealth. It’s a red flag, to be sure, but Jorge deserves the same guilt when he put in the air and pretended to be much more affluent than he actually was.

5 David’s economic misery

David Annie in 90 Days Engaged

The match between 48-year-old David and 24-year-old Thailand native Annie did not go down well with many fans. David was much older than his fiancée, and although he did not necessarily hide his financial situation from Annie, he never explicitly made clear the extent of his problems. David also struggled to limit a drinking habit that Annie was very discouraged by.

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However, the two seem to have persevered, and despite the challenges they have faced, they are still together and, according to TheThings, have engaged in some successful business ventures.

4 Ed lied about his height

Big Ed from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé series.

Edward Allen Brown, better known as Big Ed, is often scolded by fans of 90 days engaged series. Ed was twice as old as Rosemarie, and their relationship was strained from the start.

While claiming he wanted the best for his fiancé and her child, Ed was dishonest about many things and he went into the relationship for dishonest reasons after lying about his height online. He also claimed he wanted a vasectomy despite knowing Rosemarie would have more children. This Engaged the relationship was awkward for everyone involved.

3 Nicole would not accept Azan’s culture

Nicole Nafziger confirmed that Azan did not break up in 90-day fiancé 2

Nicole and Azan came from two vastly different worlds, and neither of them seemed to really grasp the very different cultural perspectives and values ​​of their partners. This was only proved by Nicole’s desire for devotion when he was out in public in Morocco, something that Azan was clearly not comfortable with.

Nicole openly admitted that she was looking for lots of physical affection in her relationships, and Azan’s more conservative views regarding romance should have looked like red flags to her. However, the two maintained their relationship for years despite this very obvious split.

2 Azan could not accept Nicole for who she was

Change can be a good thing, but there is only so much change that a person can reasonably be expected to go through. Azan was obviously unhappy with Nicole’s weight and often called her “lazy”, and it became a major issue that the couple could not agree on.

Nicole was reluctant to embrace her fiancé’s culture and values, but Azan was just as guilty of being reluctant to meet her future bride halfway. He always felt as if she was going to follow his commands to a T, and instead of working on finding a middle ground, he demanded that Nicole live up to the ideals he put forward.

1 Paul’s awkward behavior

Paul and Karine from TCL's 90 Day Fiancé series.

Paul and Karine are perhaps the most unpopular couple who have ever been involved 90 days engaged; their personalities and lifestyles were completely different, and to make matters much worse, they did not even speak the same language, but instead relied on a translation phone app to speak.

Beyond that, Paul’s strange manners should have been a giant red flag for Karine. From sprinting away after revealing his criminal history to the infamous wearing of a condom to swim, Paul did not live life near Karin’s pace. That said, the pair are still together in 2021.

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