Activist teachers recruit middle school students to LGBTQ clubs

Author and journalist Abigail Shrier said authenticated documents and audio files sent to her reveal that activist teachers are working on personally recruiting middle-aged children to “LGBTQ clubs” by tracking their Google searches, all the while undermining parents.

Shrier, the author of Irreparable harm: the transgender craze that seduces our daughters, wrote in her Substack column on Thursday that leaked material from a meeting of the California Teachers Association (CTA) last month revealed that the union “advises teachers on best practices to undermine parents, conservative communities and school leaders in matters of gender identity and sexual orientation . “

“Speakers went so far as to proclaim their monitoring of students’ Google searches, Internet activity and conversations in the hallway to target sixth graders for personal invitations to LGBTQ clubs while actively hiding these clubs’ membership cards from participants’ parents,” she added.

The documents and files, Shrier reported, were “approved by three conference attendees” at a sold-out event in Palm Springs 29-31. October:

“The 2021 LGBTQ + Issues Conference, Beyond the Binary: Identity & Imagining Possibilities,” provided workshops on best practices that encouraged teachers to “have the courage to create a safe environment that promotes bravery in exploring sexual orientation, gender identity and expression,” “according to exactly one of the speeches given by fifth grade teacher C. Scott Miller.

According to Shrier’s report, some of the union’s workshops advised teachers on how to set up LGBTQ clubs, commonly known as “Gay-Straight Alliance” (GSA) groups, while one – “Queering in the Middle” – focused on how to especially grabs hold. attention from middle school children.

Lori Boiler, Buena Vista Middle School Teacher and LGBTQ Club Counselor in Spreckels Union School District (SUSD) reportedly heard on an audio file addressing the issue of what to do about parents protesting their 12-year-olds attending an LGBTQ -club.

“Because we are not official – we have no club list, we keep no records,” Caldeira said. “In fact, sometimes we don’t really feel like keeping records, because whose parents get upset that their kids are coming? We say, ‘Yeah, I do not know. Maybe they came?’ You know, we would never want a child to have trouble attending if their parents are upset. “

Another middle school teacher, Kelly Baraki, was reportedly heard describing how she changed the name of her “GSA” to “Equity Club” and then later to “You Be You”, to keep parents at a distance.

Shrier said both Caldeira and Baraki led a workshop entitled “How we run a ‘GSA’ in conservative societies.”

Keeping middle school children focused on their sexual orientations and gender identities is still a challenge for these activist teachers.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 26: A boy carries a flag during the New York City Pride March, June 26, 2016 in New York City.  This year was the 46th Pride March in New York City (Photo by Eric Thayer / Getty Images)

A boy carries a flag during the New York City Pride March, June 26, 2016, in New York City. (Photo by Eric Thayer / Getty Images)

Shrier reported advice from Baraki:

So we started trying to identify children. When we did our virtual learning – we completely pursued what they were doing on Google when they were not doing schoolwork. One of them googled “Trans Day of Visibility.” And we say “check.” We will invite that child when we return to campus. When they follow Google Doodle links or whatever, not true, we note these kids and the things they bring up with each other in chats or email or whatever.

“We use our observations of children in the classroom – conversations that we hear – to personally invite students,” Baraki reportedly continued. “Because that’s really how we get the corpses in the door. Right? They need a bit of an invitation.”

Caldeira allegedly said she uses her job as the teacher running morning messages as another strategy:

It’s me who controls the messages. Everyone says, “Oh, Mrs. Caldeira, you’re so sweet, you volunteered to do it.” Of course, I’m so cute that I volunteered to do it. Because then I control the information that goes home. And for the first time, this year, students have been allowed to put open LGBT content into our morning ad slides.

Caldeira apparently exclaimed in the audio clip that her LGBTQ student “team” consists of three children, “two of them are non-binary, and the other is just very fluid in every way – she’s fabulous.”

“So it’s actually a nice group,” she said reportedly. “And principal, she may be shaking, but she [flinches] private.”

To avoid the problem of “parental reaction”, after middle school students spilled the prayers to their parents about the actual content of the “anti-bullying” presentation taught by Caldeira and Baraki, Shrier reported that Baraki said: “Next year we will make just a little mind tricks on our sixth graders. “

The teacher explained:

They were the last to review this presentation, and the fads were the last thing we talked about. So next year they go first with this presentation and the fads will be the first thing they are about. Hopefully to mitigate, you know, that kind of answer, right?

“Parents who are opposed to this material being taught to their sixth graders will find that their objections come too late,” Shrier noted, further commenting on some of the two teachers ‘remarks about the parents’ objections.

Baraki, for example, mocked a parent who protested the presentation, claiming she had not yet planned to discuss gender identity with her middle-aged child.

“I know, so sad, right?” Baraki was apparently heard to ridicule the parent. “Sorry for you, you had to do something hard! Honestly, your twelve-year-old probably knew all that, right?”

When another parent expressed strong objections to the content of the presentation, and the principal suggested that she send her child to a private school, Caldeira reportedly said, “So it was a victory, isn’t it? We count it as a victory.”

“Plus, I hate to say this, but thank you CTA – but I have employment!” the teacher boasted further. “You can not fire me for running a GSA. So you can be mad, but you can not fire me for it. CTA has made it very clear that they are dedicated to human rights and equality. They give us these sources, these resources and tools. “

Shrier observed the irony in Caldeira’s comment to her teaching audience.

“You must know we have also acted with great integrity in the last many years we have been driving [a GSA]”Caldeira said.” We have never crossed a border. We wanted to, but we never did. ”

The school district provided the following response to Shrier’s report, in which they noted: “The teachers used personal leave to lead a breakout session in their roles as CTA members; they did not present officially on behalf of the SUSD, nor were their presentation materials or comments reviewed. of the SUSD Administration. “

“Many of the comments and themes in the article are alarming, worrying, disappointing and do not in any way reflect the policies and practices of the district or the Education Council,” said SUSD officials, addressing the steps the district is now taking:

  • The student club mentioned in the article, UBU (You be You), has been suspended.

  • Any future student clubs will be required to submit a summary of all activities and materials before they are allowed to meet. Students’ registration sheets will be maintained and parents’ / guardians’ permission slips will be sent home before a club meets.

  • All messages shared in the morning messages will now be checked and distributed by the site principal. This practice will be in place permanently.

  • Any presentation or assembly involving sensitive topics such as sexuality will be created in accordance with state-approved standards and curricula and under the supervision of the site and district administration. Materials with sensitive themes will be shared with parents / guardians before being shown to students.

  • It is forbidden for teachers to monitor students’ online activity for non-academic purposes.

“With regard to the teachers involved, appropriate staffing steps will be taken to ensure that such activities and comments are not repeated,” the response said.

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