‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown drops the new single ‘Ma Hair’ after trying to get Nicki Minaj on the pitch as a feature

Tessica Brown, Gorilla Glue Girl

Tessica Brown, Gorilla Glue Girl

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Tessica Brown became known as “Gorilla Glue Girl” all over the internet back in early February after millions of people watched a viral video of her explaining how she could not remove the familiar adhesive from her hair.

Seven months later – she’s back in the headlines again.

The social media star has just launched his career as a rap artist by releasing his debut song “Ma Hair” on all music streaming platforms on November 19th. Tessica claims that she wrote the lyrics herself and that the song was composed by indie music producer and engineer Phil Valley, according to to TMZ.

Tessica reportedly went to Los Angeles to record “Ma Hair” last month.

The song is apparently the internet sensation’s first attempt at rap, and it includes audio clips of her viral “Gorilla Glue Girl” TikTok video.

An excerpt of the song earlier this week contained the lyrics:

“My hair, it does not move /

I almost panicked when I went out and got it /

Had a problem, had to use Gorilla Glue just to fix it /

I went from silky soft to solid /

Tried to be that with everything I could think of. “

Tessica and her team told TMZ that the internet star chose to drop the track as a way to reclaim his story when it comes to greater than the ordeal of life she went through.

Outlet reported that Tessica and her team contacted Nicki Minaj to see if the rapper – one of hip hop’s best – would jump on the new track.

Nicki referenced Tessica on a song called “Fractions” earlier this year in which she spat the lyrics:

“Sex play is still cold, it’s on the igloo /

Head game slimmer than little Miss Gorilla Glue. “

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While Tessica and her team were hopeful, Nicki’s mention was a signal that the rapper would be willing to possibly collaborate with the internet celebrity, TMZ shared that Nickis camp never came back to Tessica’s to join “Ma Hair.”

As MADAMENOIRE detailed in previous coverage, Tessica became the butt of countless jokes and memes in the weeks and months following her first Gorilla Glue hair update. Fortunately, however, the 40-year-old mother of six also received lots of support from ordinary people and celebrities as well as who sympathized with her serious mistake.

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Tessica’s “Ma Hair” is being released several months after a remix song of her viral video called “Bad Idea” popped up on the internet. Back in May, Hot New Hip Hop reported that Tessica and her lawyers sent the creators of the remix a termination order to “use her likeness in the song without her permission.”

In June, Tessica updated its followers on its journey with new hair growth. Later that month, she doubled – albeit surprisingly – by releasing hair care products for those trying to grow and restore their hair like her.

While her commitment to the music industry is merely her latest attempt to turn her negative experience into something positive, we doubt it will be her last.

Watch a clip of Tessica dancing to her new song below.

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