‘I feel like you do not love me’

At long last, the long awaited new album from Adele has finally arrived – and there’s an extremely high chance that you will not get through without a good cry, so keep these tissues at hand while you listen to it.

Among the many emotionally charged songs on the album is “My Little Love,” a soulful ballad that the singer wrote explicitly to her nine-year-old son, Angelo, with recordings of conversations she had with him in the wake of her husband’s divorce. Simon Konecki. Along with lyrics that will strike any parent right in the heart, the raw concessions from Angelo, who admits he feels his mother does not love him, feel like the deepest belly blow to anyone who has worried that their children can not fully feel their love.

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Adele has been extraordinarily honest about the anxiety and depression she faced in the wake of her divorce, and said she was bedridden for weeks after announcing the breakup in 2019. Last month, she told Vogue that she wrote “My Little Love” when Angelo was six, after a conversation with her young son that made her shake. “He said to my face, ‘Can you see me?'” The singer said. “And I thought, ‘Uh, yeah.’ And he said, ‘Because I can not see you.'” She added, “My whole life fell apart at that moment. He knew I was not there.”

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In the bridge of the song, one can hear Adele say to Angelo, “Tell me you love me,” to which he replies, “I love you a million percent.” In another excerpt, he says, “I feel like you do not love me,” and when his mother asks why he feels that way, he asks, “Do you like me?” She replies, “You know mom does not like anyone else like I do like you, right?”

Later in the song, Adele admits to her son that she had “had a lot of great feelings recently” before trying to explain to him that even though she is no longer in love with Konecki, “I love your father because he gave you to me / You are half me and you are half father. “

The song’s lyrics and excerpts are incredibly heartbreaking and all too real for anyone who has had to navigate co-parenting or being a single parent. Watch the amazing lyrics video and try with all your might not to break down in tears:

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