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GDuring his 82 long years of roofing, the clammy, lonely surroundings of his home office – not to mention the tickling throat irritation caused by all the growling threats – few would dislike Batman for some sun, a nice paella and a naughty pint in the morning. . Or five.

Fortunately, Benidorm is only too happy to commit. The eastern Spanish resort is among the exotic locations featured in Batman: the World, a new global anthology released by DC Comics in September.

But while Caped Crusader will face all sorts of threats and challenges in 14 different countries – including Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Turkey – the Spanish segment will allow him to feel a little warm sand between his itchy toes.

Page from the cartoon: Bruce Wayne arrives at the airport.
The Spanish story in Batman: the World was illustrated by graphic artist Paco Roca. Photo: TM & © 2021 DC COMICS

Award-winning Spanish graphic artist Paco Roca admits it took him a while to get the idea of ​​sending Bruce Wayne on holiday to Benidorm. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

“Short stories are always difficult – this is only 11 pages – so you risk trying to fit in too much,” he said. “And those kinds of stories are crammed with action-packed, fist-fighting stories because that’s what the public expects. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

The compilation is neatly summed up in the title page, where Batman, cup of coffee in one hand and mobile phone in the other, squats on top of a famous Osborne bull as the sun sets over Benidorm.

Page from the cartoon: Bruce Wayne in a taxi out of the airport.
Wayne tries to take his mind off his alertness while he’s in town. Photo: TM & © 2021 DC COMICS

Although Wayne does his best to engage in typical tourist behavior, from hitting the buffet to looting the minibar, he does not get completely drunk guiri by getting eerily sunburned when DC prescribed that his shirt should remain on to avoid exposing acres of scar tissue. He also does not want to completely escape his familiar darkness.

“You could say the story is about what happens when Bruce Wayne meets Bruce Wayne without Batsuit, and about what he finds,” Roca said.

“I think some of it comes from the confinement we’ve all been through and about what we see staring back at us from the mirror. Very often it is not what we expect. There is also the feeling of loneliness that you get in hotels when you travel a lot, when all the ghosts and doubts and fears come out in the darkness and loneliness in your hotel room. ”

While the artist admits that it would have been more obvious to have Batman sitting on top of the Sagrada Familia, sneaking around Madrid’s Plaza Mayor or lurking in the Giralda in Seville, he hopes readers will understand why he chose to find the plot in his native Valencia.

“I know Benidorm very well and have been there many times,” Roca said. “It’s a great place to put a story, because it’s somewhere between Las Vegas and Gotham with all its skyscrapers.”

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