Mother, 23, dies suddenly a month after giving birth to her little girl

A broken partner found her 23-year-old boyfriend dead in bed just a month after she gave birth to their little girl.

Mother of two Amelia Smith, from Kirkby, died suddenly in his sleep on November 14th.

The cosmetologist gave birth to the couple’s daughter Poppy on October 1 at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, and her partner Tom Mooney said the night before her death that she had been “as normal as possible”.

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He told Liverpool ECHO : “She fed the baby at 04.00 and then went to bed again.

I woke up at 6.30 with the two kids, brought them downstairs and at 8.45 I went back upstairs and she was just lying there.

So what happened in those few hours, I do not know. But we are still waiting to hear from the medical examiner. “

Tom, originally from Speke, said the night before she died that the couple had gone out to eat.

picture of Amelia Smith with her two children, Lucas and Poppy
Amelia Smith with her two children, Lucas and Poppy

He said: “We went out last Saturday [Novemb er 13] for food, watched a movie, went to bed at. 23.30, everything was normal and then it obviously happened.

She went to sleep so it was peaceful.

She had her hair done the day before, her eyelashes, her eyebrows and her nails, so she must have known that people came to see her. “

Picture of the family outside their home on Halloween 2021
The family outside their home on Halloween 2021

Amelia’s cause of death is not yet known and Tom said her death has made everyone heartbroken.

He said she had been hospitalized three months before Poppy was born for low potassium levels, for which she was put on a drip and given tablets.

ONE Gofundme since has been set up for the mother, who also had a two-year-old son Lucas, and has now raised nearly £ 9,000.

picture of Amelia and son Lucas
Amelia and son Lucas

Tom, 25, added: “She has two children now that she has not been allowed to see grow up.

She was like the glue that held us all together, she did everything.

“I try to keep a brave face for everyone, but it’s hard and I’m fighting, fighting hard.

She died the day before her birthday, she loved Bonfire night so we put fireworks of that night for her.

I have kicked myself and thought I should have gone up earlier, I just thought she had a lie because she had the baby at.

picture of Amelia Smith and boyfriend Tom Mooney
Amelia Smith and boyfriend Tom Mooney

The friend and cosmetologist Lucy Grayson-Maguire, who created the donation page, described Amelia as a “gentle, kind, beautiful soul who could light up a room with her amazing smile and presence.”

She wrote on the Gofundme page: “Amelia was an amazing mummy for her babies Lucas and Poppy, and any donation, large or small, will be given to her family to support them in this extremely difficult time.

picture of Amelia, Tom and son Lucas
Amelia, Tom and son Lucas

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.”

To donate to the Gofundme page, visit the link here.

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