Patton Oswalt shares BTS images of Pip the Troll Motion-Capture work at Marvel’s Eternals

At this point, you are probably well aware of the exciting scene in the middle of credits Eternal which featured some very surprising guest stars. Not only did Harry Styles appear as Eros, brother of Thanos, but he was joined by Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll. Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor Matt Aitken recently spoke with‘s Adam Barnhardt about Eternal, and he revealed that Oswalt not only voiced the character, but was there on the sound stage and played everything himself. In fact, he performed everything while lying on his knees. Earlier today, shared the story on Twitter, which Ostwalt quoted-tweeted with some behind-the-scenes photos.

“Albert Finney’s voice: ‘Ah, an actor’s life …’,” Oswalt wrote in the post. You can see his photos below:

Jim Starlin, the creator of Pip and dozens of other classic cosmic Marvel characters, also recently spoke with and said Marvel Studios could not have made a better casting choice for Pip.

“Oh, yes, I think he’s perfect for it,” Starlin said of Oswalt’s cast. “I got a real kick out of his voice MODOK in that cartoon. I saw the first one and I said, ‘Eh, that’s okay. And then I saw the other one, then I got hooked and just laughed my way through the rest of it. ‘”He added,” Now Patton has always been a character actor who I think has had a great reach, and I think his voice is just perfect for it. “

“Every time I’ve seen Kevin Feige over the last two years, I’ve been lobbying for Pip,” Starlin said. “And of course I have more influence than I thought [laughs]. “He concluded:” But the truth of the matter is that they are working on these things years in the future, so he has probably laughed up his sleeve every time in recent years when I have seen him and said, ‘Geey, when are we going to see Pip? ‘ And he wants to mumble something because he knew it would come all the time. “

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Eternal now playing cinemas. The rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universes 2021 line-up includes Hawkeye, which premieres at Disney + on November 24, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, coming to theaters on December 17th.


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